Pyramid Head (or Silent Hill-esque) Killer

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Hello all!

I know I've seen quite a few passing comments about fans of Silent Hill and DBD asking for Pyramid Head as a new killer, but I've not yet seen much in the way of perk or ability suggestions for it. So I have come up with some suggestions which seem fairly balanced or at similar enough to stuff that has already been implemented with other killers so as not to make things horribly one-sided. Hope you enjoy the idea!

Movement speed: 4.4m/s

  • Slower than normal weapon swing recovery ;
  • Special ability: Longer lunge/reach; successful hit immediately puts survivor in a dying state;
  • Passive Perk possibilities: quicker flashlight recovery time, or immune to flashlight blinding, or he doesn't drop survivors when blinded;
  • Perks:
  • Teleport on a 45s cooldown, activates on break sounds to teleport to the nearest location, anywhere on the map
  • Faster pallet destruction
  • Quicker recovery from a pallet stun
  • Drawback: Due to the pyramid on his head, his ability to hear survivor sounds is reduced.


  • drekin7979drekin7979 Member Posts: 94
    edited May 10

    The Nurse is pretty similar to the nurses from Silent Hill.

  • lunaticlifterlunaticlifter Member Posts: 88

    i'd really like to have ph in dbd, but since we are getting ghostface, chances are low in the near future.. i like the teleportation thing then he walks normally, then oneshoot survivor with slower fully charge weapon.. we need more killer with map control and mobility, either way rank 1 lobby will be always full of nurse spirit and billy

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