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Preston Garvey as a survivor!

flying__8lackflying__8lack Member Posts: 19


His perks is aimed to both annoy the killer, complete generators and know his away around the map.

## At least it's not raining ##

Every time you get downed, the killer will get a raining weather effect and will be unable to pick you up for 4/6/8 seconds.

Once you die, the raining effect will affect all remaining players (including the killer).

## Another settlement needs our help ##

Every time a generator get completed, the aura of a random selected generator is shown to you. You get a speed boost of 10%/12%/14% and you leave no scratch marks until you touch the highlighted generator. However, you can not heal, sabotage or work on other generators during this time.

this perk deactivate once one of the gates is opened.

## mark it on the map ##

when another survivor get an aura information. You are able to see that aura with an extended time of 3/5/7 additional seconds.


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