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Bloodletting Perk

MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

I would like a new Survivor Perk called "Bloodletting".

This perk lets you take damage but clears your body of all foul ailments and toxins, so Clown Poison, Plague Puke, Mangled, Sloppy Butcher, etc. are cleared from your system.

If the damage makes you go down, you go down. It also makes you scream in pain.

Mostly I want something that makes No Mither useful and can combo with it, other than Sabo strats.

It also provides a different way to play for Survivors. I don't think it's all that unbalanced, considering No Mither hurts to use and debilitates you big time. Also if you are bleeding on the ground you will eventually lose all blood if you are trying to use this to crawl around the map, since your bleed timer doesn't reset.

You could use this for some stealth, and comboing it with No Mither, Unbreakable and Tenacity might be interesting.

I think it's an interesting way to expand Survivor play options and at least it's not the same Looper nonsense every killer complains about.

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