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Since the 2.7.0 patch and i launch DBD there appears a green frame. The game laggs every few seconds and i cant do anything (rlly nothing) when i want to login the game stucks for a minute and it says:

"Connection Error. Cannot connect to online services. Please try again later. Error code; 8.013"

What i noticed too is i cant even use the combination tab + shift ( For the steam overlay)

sometimes but only sometimes it crashes complete and there appears an Error:

Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error 0x887a0007) Line:200 "RESET"


My Specs:

Windows 10 Home [64- bit]

CPU: AMD A10-9600P, 4x 2.40GHz Ram: 8GB DDR3L ( 2x 4GB Module)

Graphic: AMD Radeon R7 M440, 2GB

Or to make it easier: Model HP 15-ba088ng

[ I always play with medium graphics i dont think its because of my specs ]

If you need more information ask meh :D

Would be happy to get help from everyone!

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