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Perk idea's

lionsoulionsou Member Posts: 61
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I have no idea these just came to mind.

  • Experienced
    You're are experienced with these scenario's and can perform them quicker.
    You heal, Repair, and Sabotage 3%/6%/9% faster when uninjured.

  • Handy
    You can make do with what you have.
    Your perks that you use (Apart from Handy) are 2%/4%/4% more effective and have a cooldown reduction on all exhaustion perks by -%/-%/10%

  • Slip away
    Your body produces more sweat which makes it harder for the killer to keep a hold on you
    When being Carried by the killer, the time it takes to wiggle is reduced by 3%/6%/9% and wiggling is 5%/10%/15% more effective.

This is my FIRST per suggestion and it's supposed to make perks more effective.
A scenario of the 'Handy' Perk, during a chase Sprint burst, lithe etc. could;
1. run at 152%/154%/154% (+ 54s/45s/36s tier 3)
2. Dead hard - (54s/45/36s Exhaustion tier 3)

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  • DirtyNurseMainDirtyNurseMain Member Posts: 70
    I like slip away, thought it’s just a better version of Kate’s teachable boil over! Awesome Ideas!
  • lionsoulionsou Member Posts: 61

    Slip away is basically supposed to oppose Iron Grasp so then those clutch hooks are Clutch escapes

  • dmayo44dmayo44 Member Posts: 10

    I like slip away, I think it would be great with new decisive

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