New Killer - The Doll

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Difficulty : Very Hard




An illusive Killer, able to abandon its Body and scout around the map in a 3rd person field view. Positions Dolls around like chess pieces to control and capture Survivors.

Its personal perks, Glass Eye, Porcelain Skin and Inanimate Object, give this Killer the ability to play unnatural mind games with the Survivors at the risk of reduced direct interaction.

Power - Incorporeal

Strong dark presences tend to linger in the world and control seemingly harmless objects in order to continue terrifying and viscous acts on their unsuspecting victims. Dolls are one such object that seem to attract these dark beings. Whether it's because there's something unsettling in the human-like figures that brings joy to the beasts or there's a sense of longing and desire to fit in is uncertain.

  • Start the trial with 12 different sitting porcelain dolls procedurally placed around the map.
  • The Killer spawns in as one of the dolls.
  • The Killer can use its secondary action to place the doll in a sitting position at its current location and can move freely in its incorporeal form around the map by pressing the power button. Dolls are outlined with an aura.
  • While incorporeal the Killer enters a 30 degree angle from the ground 3rd person camera top down view and can move freely around the map. The Killer can deactivate this mode by placing their cursor on one of the dolls and using the Power button.
  • While sitting as a Doll the Killer has no Terror Radius or Stain
  • While Incorporeal the Killer has no Terror Radius or Stain
  • While sitting as a Doll the Killer can press the secondary action button to Stand.
  • While standing the Doll has a normal Stain and the terror radius is returned at no delay
  • The Doll gains haste for 3 seconds after standing
  • When standing the Doll can use its power to perform a sneak attack to a survivor that's facing away from it to apply deep wound.
  • The Doll cannot hook survivors. Instead the dying state has 3 stages and awards the Killer sacrifice credit once the player has bled out.
  • On the first stage the survivor can attempt to stand up similar to escaping a hook or stand up with perks.
  • On the second stage the survivor can only be picked up by other survivors and the survivor starts to bleed out rapidly. The Player must tap A to hold the wound shut and cannot use perks to heal from the dying state. The player can now be mori'd.
  • On the third stage the Killer is so violent that the survivor is instantly killed upon entering the dying state similar to a mori death.
  • The dying state timer is slightly longer
  • The Doll's weapon is a sewing needle. It's a normal attack


Glass Eye

  • Killer has no stain. Vision is narrowed.

Porcelain Skin

  • Killer does not make noise. Increases Movement speed slightly

Inanimate Object

  • Killer does not have a Terror radius. Movement speed reduced significantly


Threads - Increases the range to sneak attack from

Plasters - Decreases the transition time from Doll to Incorporeal and back

Pattern Stains - Causes the Dolls to emit debuffs to nearby Survivors

Paints - Makes the dolls harder to see

Materials - Reduces dying state timer. reduces Dolls on map.

Perfumes - Increased movement speed while Incorporeal.

Shoes - Increase the movement speed While in Doll Form

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  • SlinkyJinkySlinkyJinky Member Posts: 371
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    -shudder- Porcelain.

    Would totally buy this chapter. so creepy. lol

  • wydyadoitwydyadoit Member Posts: 52

    do you feel that way for real or is that sarcasm? the "lol" at the end of your message makes it hard to imply what you meant.

    any suggestions on how i could adjust it?

  • SlinkyJinkySlinkyJinky Member Posts: 371
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    @wydyadoit Porcelain dolls have always creeped me out. Something to do with the 'uncanny valley' - human instinct to distrust things that are almost human in appearance, a little too close for comfort but not quite the real thing.

    And yes anything creepy is good lol

  • WAVAWWAVAW Member Posts: 2

    it's interseting , A variety of gameplay will bring new fun to this game.

  • wydyadoitwydyadoit Member Posts: 52

    @SlinkyJinky uncanny valley is something that makes those one Dead by Daylight animations so creepy. The decisive strike one specifically. Meg is gross... TF2 animations while funny are also very creepy.

    I think dead by daylight needs something that builds upon the uncanny valley and that's why I want something very Annabelle or Chuckey esque. Plus with all the levels that have grass and boxes that obscure mid level vision I think it would be interesting to see some gameplay to incorporate the idea of the killer hiding in plain sight.

    According the the ghost face leaks I think BEh know that and they're trying to create another killer that completes the idea of stealthy killer. We have a ton of killers that just stand up and run around. we have a lot of killers that call upon the supernatural to give them super powers. We dont really have anything that combines super powers and slinking around though. We do have the pig and she slinks around a bit, but she doesn't have super powers. She's just a normal human with a ton of creativity. The same will be true for ghost face. He'll be a normal human that lacks superhuman powers and slinks around.

    I personally want to see a supernatural entity that slinks around. If I were to create an "archetype of killers" graph that balances ability It'd probably have to be 4 dimensional with "uncanny valley", "size", "reasoning", and "predictability" as the quadrants.

    There may be other aspects to what causes fear, but I haven't sat down long enough to think those out. I might add them to this comment later.

  • wydyadoitwydyadoit Member Posts: 52

    there are limits to how much new gameplay can be added. anything too overbearing will break the game's ecosystem. Still though - I'd like for a "small" killer that can position pieces on the playing field and bounce between those pieces as needed. The scariest part about this killer in my opinion is that you wouldn't know which doll they're in if you can't see one running around. Unlike the hag - which you know where she is because she's the only one that can move - with the doll the player could in theory be sitting beside every generator at the same time or not at all depending on how you look at it. The dolls would be lifeless in a corner one minute and the next minute they could be gone and you wouldn't know it because you looked away for a split second. That lack of predictability and the relatively small size creates an element of fear.

    imagine if a killer spends all match setting 4 dolls each at the two exit gates and 1 doll at the black lock trap door. then imagine the fear in the survivors mind about going to power the switch not knowing where that final doll is or if the killer is waiting inside of one of the dolls at the doors to down a player. Or you vault through a window just to see the doll behind you now sitting outside the window and you begin to wonder if there's another doll behind you.

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