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Killers tunnel no matter what?

KikkiKikki Member Posts: 113

Seriously,is this a new trend ? No matter if you have bt or he has a obsession perk that is not dying light.

Do you share my experience?



  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 154

    What rank? I avoid tunneling because between BT and DS it’s not a good idea

  • AcromioAcromio Member Posts: 655

    Well, survivors do generators no matter what, so...

  • EndorbEndorb Member Posts: 76

    I don't really tunnel as killer; I just go for whoever's closest. Though I always go for an injured vs uninjured if they're together and break apart because that's more efficient.

    As for playing survivor; I haven't noticed it at all on myself, but once or twice on my SWF friends (started playing for this rank season on the first, currently rank 7).

  • KikkiKikki Member Posts: 113

    Come on,if you have a obsession perk that is not dying light and you tunneling the obsession so hard... then why are you running this perk? It is kinda dump

  • tennmiotennmio Member Posts: 64

    On ps4 tunneling is kind of the playstyle. It's rare for killer not to tunnel sadly. It's such an egoistic move and so boring, but most killers in purple and red ranks tend to do it lately.

  • SlinkyJinkySlinkyJinky Member Posts: 353

    All generalizations are 100% correct all of the time without question.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 820

    I don’t like to tunnel unless the survivors are being cocky or the other survivor that saved them is being extremely immersive or has a VERY strong set up. Typically I go after the rescuer instead of the one who was just hooked.

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 1,648

    Yeah we do, why?

  • LCGasterLCGaster Member Posts: 2,154
    edited May 14

    I tunnel if it means it will make it easier for me, it's not like if I find the same survivor two times in a row I leave them alone, or if they get unhooked next to me without BT I will tunnel, of course, it's the easiest way.

    Survivors can be toxic as much as they want, I will play as I want to play.

  • KikkiKikki Member Posts: 113

    Do some people read what i has write ?! I don't mean the normal tunneling. Geez

  • TreemanXDTreemanXD Member Posts: 4,300

    I run DS and unbreakable no matter what.

  • LCGasterLCGaster Member Posts: 2,154
    edited May 15

    I always use Save the Best for Last and still tunnel the obsession if it makes it easier for me.

    My point remains the same

  • BroosmeisterBroosmeister Member Posts: 238

    Killers don't read, killers can only whine at critism from survivors.

    I know the difference between tunneling as a dirty playstyle, or "tunneling" just because it so happens that the person who got unhooked is healing near you or something. But many people ( mostly killer mains ) don't want to think that someone actually knows what they're talking about so they all treat you like some whiny survivor main. While the killers are the most whiny people on this forum :')

  • LCGasterLCGaster Member Posts: 2,154

    Sure, it's always the fault of the other side, how mature

  • TrueKn1ghtmar3TrueKn1ghtmar3 Member Posts: 255

    The way I see it if your teammate unhooks you in my face and doesn't give you any protection from me then they don't care about your survivability and neither do I you will go back down wait for ~40s while I do a perimeter sweep then back on the hook you go

  • DragonredkingDragonredking Member Posts: 745
    edited May 15

    Why shouldn't they?

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 143

    Killers "tunneling" is synonymous with a cat playing with a ball of yarn. The ball is destroyed but the cat is tangled in its own mess.

  • HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 413
    edited May 17

    In 90% of cases going for easy prey is more efficient (injured, if hooked already propably doesn't know how to loop well, freshly unhooked survs tend to waste pallets). Also if you tbag you will most likely get camped/tunneled.

    Start apreciating killers who play 'fair' because even in games that everyone was hooked twice and they live only because of ds, adrenaline, mom combination i see many other survs bming killer in chat for not having a kill.

    You are doing it to yourselves. You're at gate, exit without tbag, you would be surprised how easy it is to follow players on steam, even if they change nick often. I personally mori on sight people who dc and leave others with 3 man 5 gen games.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 1,449

    Remember me also makes you want to tunnel the obsession. And rancor has strategies that go either way.

    Only save the best for last actively discourages it

  • SkellySkelly Member Posts: 3

    Killers tunnel because they're insecure that they might not get that 4k. Killers have a very specific way of how the game should be balanced, and that way of thinking is that killers should be able to get 4k's very easily. If you threaten their 4k they will tunnel because 3 survivors vs 1 killer is difficult to come out of. Not to mention they tunnel if you gen rush- err I mean if you do the objective to quickly. Tunneling is always prevalent and sadly their is no real cure of it besides running anti-tunnel builds or perks.

    I wish you luck though in your future trials! Just remember not to stay in post chat, calling that killer a ##### isn't gonna stop them from tunneling.

  • SlinkyJinkySlinkyJinky Member Posts: 353

    @TreemanXD If you run Unbreakable how about Flipflop? both are equally, situationally reliant on the Killer neglecting you on the ground. Add DS into the mix and you potentially have 2 escapes lined up while being carried to the hook. Add Boil Over and it makes it even more likely.

    I'm going to try this lol.

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 551

    Boil Over won't help you. It just makes the effect of wiggling greater on the killer and only if they don't have iron grasp. Also not seeing hook aura at 14m is useless as killers would have to go physically blind to not a see the actual hook at 14m,

  • DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 1,182

    Killers target the beneficial choice for within the moment. The only thing I would consider as tunneling is when they completely ignore better opportunities to focus down a single survivor. A survivor with bt is still a better choice than an unhooked healthy survivor in most cases.

  • letuceletuce Member Posts: 47

    As a killer, if I see 2 targets, I'll pick the better choice. Injured >healthy, hooked twice > hooked once > never hooked, toolbox > map > key > nothing > medkit > flash light.

    And if I'm not about to hit someone, carrying someone, other side of map, then I'm returning to where someone was unhooked.

    Ill make exceptions if someone is being farmed. But otherwise, if you don't want to be tunnelled, don't get healed at the hook, and go hide if you suspect the killer will come back for you

  • TreemanXDTreemanXD Member Posts: 4,300

    @SlinkyJinky my build changes almost every day so I’m not running them anymore.

  • GothyGothy Member Posts: 2

    Thing is, people play this game competively but they forget there are no rewards doing so. Fun is forbidden in DBD, 4k is a must by any measure. Ruining someones game by tunneling is mandatory. At the end of the day, we only love ourselves and need those BP's to get all characters to p3 and after awhile stop playing this game, because nothing to achieve. Thinking glad we had no fun doing so, but still it was so worth it. After all we made someones day little more worse and proud of it. This world never has enough of bitter tears and sorrow. Lets stare our bellytbuttons more, shall we? Who wants to have fun in games anyways..

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