Dead by Daylight causing GPU Temperature Spike

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First of all, this is a fun game regardless of all of the rage it can induce. I'd love to play it more, but I'm having issues, recently I've noticed that Dead by Daylight causes my GPU temperature to spike up into the high 50s to 60s (Celsius). This is problematic because I live in a place that's already quite warm, and can actually cause my computer to overheat, and I suspect it may be part of the issue with me losing so many frames. This is the only game that causes this issue, even more modern triple A games don't run my machine that hard.

For reference I'm running it on an AMD Radeon RX580 on low quality.

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    Unsure about other people, but both my CPU and GPU raise up to 75degrees when gaming, and its no deal at all. My computer is aircooled, btw.

    But I agree that for the graphics, and mapsize this game offers, the GPU usage is waayy too high. I can run AAA games from 2015-19 better than Dbd.

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    @ABannedCat I should have specified, I apologize. The program I use to monitor temperatures is Celsius, I'll update the first post accordingly. Either way though, it's quite odd that it runs Mortal Kombat 11 at High Quality better and cooler than it runs Dead by Daylight at low quality.

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    @Alther_Primus I too was talking in Celsius.

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    50/60's Celcius is actually a pretty good temp for a graphics card to run at. If you are worried you could increase your fan speeds inside your PC to lower the temps, but for those type of temps I certainly wouldn't be worried - I'd only start to worry when it went into the 80's and I would look at my case cooling.

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