Ritual of the Forsaken Chapter Concept

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There are people who believe in a higher power and there are those who have heard rumors of a being that takes those at the height of misfortune and painful tragedy. Three teenagers, wanting to witness the arrival of the Entity organize sacrifices to summon it. They prepare their kidnapped victims in an abandoned warehouse and begin torturing them. In the midst of their ritualistic sadism, the darkness around them seems to shift and the three teens stop to bask in the presence of something beyond their comprehension. The Entity leaves as quickly as it appears and this causes the teens to panic. They torture the kidnapped victims again, but they all die without the Entity ever showing up again. In an act of desperation, one of the teens begins stabbing another. The three begin attacking, dismembering and disfiguring each other. The Entity appears once more, but the teens don't stop fighting. The three eventually collapse and the Entity leaves. When the shadows cease their movements, no bodies are left within the warehouse.

The Killer - The Amalgamation

When the Entity took the teens and the kidnapped victims, it reformed them into a grotesque mound of flesh. It's body is bulky and has several limbs hanging off of it along with multiple faces twisted in agony.


Base Speed - 4.4 m/s

Terror Radius - 28m

Height - Tall


Unyielding Sprint - Charging the ability will slow you slightly, but when you release the power button you will break into a run that last 3 seconds when charged completely. You can only attack at the end of the run.

Screech - Instead of breaking into a sprint. If you attack while the gauge is full, you will let out a scream that affects all survivors in your terror radius. All affected survivors can not make any action (repairs, heal, vault, ect.) for the duration of the screech and become deafened to all sounds for 5 seconds (includes terror radius). This has a cooldown of 15 seconds. In that time, you can not charge your ability.


Aware - You have a keen sense of your surroundings. While in a chase with a survivor, if you initiate a chase with another survivor and lose the first, you can see the lost survivor's aura for 5s/10s/15s (only while in a chase). If you initiate a chase with a survivor who has their aura revealed this way, their aura will not be shown.

Unsettling Presence - While in your terror radius, all survivors who miss a skill check suffer from an additional penalty of 3/4/5% regression to repair, healing and sabotage.

Obedient Will - You live to serve the Entity. Each time you hook a survivor that was not the last one on the hook, you become stronger through serving the entity and you gain a token. Gain the following effects when you obtain enough tokens. 4 tokens - Gain a 3%/4/%5% haste bonus after hooking a survivor that lasts for 10s. 6 tokens - Survivor's auras are revealed when outside your terror radius for 4 seconds. 8 tokens - You can kill survivors.

I never try to make survivors so unfortunately, I won't be good at making a proper survivor so, sorry for not including it. Also, I know the story I have for this isn't the greatest, but I gave you the concept. Let me know what you think. I'd appreciate it.

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