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Hook Time needs to be Extended

MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

Can we please lengthen the time a Survivor has on hook? Camping is out of control and Killers need to be punished more for camping. Killers don't care about Emblem punishment for camping because Ranking Up is a punishment, so they rather get -1 pips or de-pip rather than play "as intended."

Time to sacrifice for both stages should be doubled so killers think twice about face camping all game.

And yeah if you want to double gen time as well I'm fine with that. Slow the game down by all means, I am not against making things longer. In fact I even suggest tripling gen time, just make it that Killers can't break the gens to keep it fair.

  • While we're at it. Can we please fix the hook distance again. This was fixed in a previous patch (2.3 I think) to make hooks spawn further from each other, but lately I see 4 hooks within spitting distance of each other. Not sure if there was a Ninja Hook Buff for killers in the last few patches but it needs to be fixed.
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