New Ultra Rare Ideas?

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  • EMT Med-Kit: 40 Charges, Tremendous speed, More skillchecks.
  • S&R Flashlight: 16 Seconds, Moderately reduced accuracy, Tremendous blind duration, Moderate brightness.
  • Military Toolbox: 200 Charges, Considerable repair speed, Considerable sabotage speed.


  • Diamond Hacksaw: Tremendously increases Sabotage speed.
  • Kinetic Battery: Running refills charges, but considerably increases consumption rate.
  • Rainbow Stamp: Tremendously increases range of map detection.
  • Moonstone: Your key lets you see both killer and survivor auras at infinite range, tremendously reduces charges.
  • Epi-pen: Removes exhaustion debuff, depletes med-kit on use and you become exhausted for the rest of the game the next time you get the debuff or after 1 minute. Has a use animation that lasts 7 seconds.
  • Extra Compartment: Adds 40 charges to the toolbox


  • Bottle of Oil: Add's 1 extra generator to the game - does not stack.
  • Last Will and Testament(Hidden): All survivors bloodpoints and your item(if you die) are shared with other survivors.
  • 5 Leaf Clover: Tremendously increases the luck of all survivors.



  • Electric Engine: The Chainsaw is completely silent.
  • Iridescent Chain: Being hit with the chainsaw causes deafness, blindness and mangled status effect until healed.


  • Husband's Locket: Your fatigue is significantly reduced and survivors suffering from any status effect are revealed to you if outside of your terror radius.
  • Husband's Last Breath: You make no noise.


  • Human Bone Ornamentation: Tremendously increase cannibal's speed while chainsawing and running into walls doesn't slow you down.
  • "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Chilli: Tremendously reduces charge time and increases acceleration of Cannibal while chainsawing.


  • Little Girls Braid: Increases your speed slightly, start the trial with 2 less hatchets, slightly decrease wind-up time.
  • Iridescent Head: Hitting a survivor causes the deafness, blindness and broken status effect for 120 seconds.
  • Soldiers Bayonet: You no longer have a lullaby.


  • Cursed Coin(Hidden): Survivors who open chests auras are revealed to you.
  • Skeleton of the Obsession: Everyone is the obsession and no one is. All negatives are ignored and all positives are gained.
  • Black Dust: The trial is completely silent except for the survivors to you.

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