Endgame is an awful solution to lingering survivors and hatch standoffs

Starlobster4Starlobster4 Member Posts: 28

Endgame is not the right way to go about stopping survivors prolonging the game or hatch standoffs.

A) If survivors are hanging around an exit too long, you could...erm...i dunno chase them out. They got the exit open they succeeded big whoop. Make them leave. Move on to the next game. Sometimes you can catch survivors out.

B) KILLERS instigate the standoff for the hatch. Killer failed to get everyone before two gens completed. Big whoop, should play smarter and not allow a single survivor to remain.

By hatch camping you are prolonging your own game. If you want to waste time hoping to catch him out thats your choice or just let the survivor go and move onto next game.

If survivor is not showing themself, go look for them; theres two simple eventualities, they find the hatch and escape or you find them. If they are camping the hatch, hit them and be done with it.

Its a pathetic cry from salty whinging killers who blame survivors for their own poor plays.


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