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Seriously, last survivor gets Fd by endgame collapse

When the killer kills off 3 survivors before the gens are done you may as well just make the last survivor automatically hang himself or pop a bottle of pills or something. Unless the last survivor knows exactly where the hatch is, which he likely doesn’t, the killer will likely find it first. At that point it is extremely easy to guard both doors so that a survivor cant open them before time runs out. This is basically penalizing the survivor who managed to survive the longest by giving them a hopeless situation as a reward. Id rather just die than go through the motions of trying to get a door open while the killer gets to play easy mode ping pong and watch me suffer. Currently i DC rather than put up with that big FU from the devs. “Congrats on staying alive the longest. Now enjoy a few minutes of flailing around in hopelessness until your inevitable demise. Can i get you another drink mr killer?”

im glad the hatch standoff is basically gone but this current situation needs work.



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