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Toxcicity in the Community

CyberOpticsCyberOptics Member Posts: 1

Due to the fact that there are not that many punishments for dc'ing I'm petitioning for Killers to hard dc from matches should survivors be intentionally toxic, and survivors to dc from intentionally toxic matches in such a way as to not give the killer more points, ie: dc'ing while on a hook, etc. I propose this plan so that that toxic players will lower in rank due to the harsher ranking system, and have to play substantially more games in order to gain the same amount of points. If everyone does this, I believe one of two things will happen, one that the toxic players will eventually learn that that will not be accepted in the community anymore or, two that the developers will implement more features that highly discourage, "toxic" gameplaying, hopefully this will be something we can resolve as a community.

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