Slenderman-based Killer: The Creature

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Slenderman is a killer I've personally wanted in DBD for a very long time, so I made a fanmade killer post about him.

The Creature:

MS: 115%

(new type of height) Height: Lanky

Weapon: Bladed Tentacle

Terror Radius: 24m

Power: Urban Legend

Mori: The Creature teleports in front of the survivor, grabbing them with its tentacles, strangling them, then impaling the survivor.

The Creature uses its power to disturb survivors. Using the Power Activation Button, The Creature can silence his terror radius and teleport.

-Charge the activation button. This will then zoom out and allow you to teleport to a location within 40 meters. Press the activation button again to get out of teleporting.

-After teleporting, your terror radius will be reduced to 0 for the next 15 seconds.

-All survivors within 16 meters will have their screens drowned in static for 5 seconds, removing their ability to perform objectives within the duration.

-You are able to teleport every 20 seconds, but can't teleport during a chase.

-A survivor affected by the static will have a new status effect, the Disturbed status effect. Survivors with this status effect will occasionally see hallucinations of you on your screen, and will scream at random intervals. The status effect remains for the rest of the match once the static has affected them.


Perplexity (uncommon/rare/very rare)

After being in a chase for at least 6 seconds, the perk activates. While the perk is activated, hitting the survivor you are currently chasing will have their speed boost reduced by 60/75/90% and will add a fake red stain on the survivor's back for 5 seconds.

Distorted Image (rare/very rare/ultra rare)

Generators within your terror radius will have their regression increased by 40%. After kicking a generator, the nearest survivor within 20 meters of the generator has their location revealed to you for 4 seconds and they will be Exposed for 15/20/25 seconds.

Domino Effect (rare/very rare/ultra rare)

Survivors in your grasp have their wiggle speeds reduced by 10%. After hooking a survivor, all survivors performing an action will face a tremendously difficult skill check. Failing the skill check will reduce the progress of the objective by 15/20/25%.


  • Mr_QwayzarMr_Qwayzar Member Posts: 111

    It started out like nurse and ended out doctor

    Everything needs nerfs or drawbacks

  • wingedwolf94wingedwolf94 Member Posts: 47

    Ohh! I was discussing a slenderman based killer with a few friends a bit ago. But we got into the idea of a killer that's power or ability is based on looking at it. There is already a mechanic in the game that detects if you are looking at the killer.

    We were thinking either slenderman, the statue SCP, or a weeping angel. (Slenderman would fit the games aesthetic more tbh)

    Looking in the direction of slenderman could cause the static screen like you mentioned. Obscuring your view. For the other two it could grant increased movement speed for the killer when a survivor is looking at them.

  • Andrew17Andrew17 Member Posts: 1

    I was thinking about a Slenderman type killer, too, and I saw him kind of

    Slender man

    Speed: 4.5

    Ray of terror: SlenderMan disease (36m), interference (disturbance of the survivors' vision, makes the lights tremble)

    Teleport: You can teleport front an aura that you see within 24mt (generator, Survivor, Totem, Gates)Time recharge power


    If a Survivor at more than 16MT remains stationary at a point for 10/5/3 seconds without doing anything his aurea becomes visible until 3 seconds after his next move

    Damn claustrophobia:

    When you lock yourself in a locker or descend into the basament, you panic and you emit loud noises that send notifications to the killer until you get out


    After being freed from the hook you always hear the ray of terror, you interrupt temporarily while you are with a survivor without hallucination or when you are hanging on the hook or inside a locker

  • ghostkiller666ghostkiller666 Member Posts: 81

    wow, haha why just don't ask for the survivors to hook themselves...

    slender man <3 good killer... i would suggest to make it terror's radio to always ZERO, with speed 4.3 or 4.2 maybe, with the tentacles yeah

    i believe ur perks need a balancing...

    i would suggest:

    Hallucination, cool but like a doctor, i would say a hologram of the killer near the survivor that has 0 terror that last for a long time, and the hability to the killer teleport (randomly) to one of the hallucination (like the heg)

    Damn claustrophobia: yes (like the lullaby)

    and the hability to allow the killer to hide himself in a closet expanding his terror radio to 15m when he is on the closet... and the hability to teleport to a close one within 24m

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