An idea about new killer: Nun

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 My ideas of a new killer are as follows:


 The power of the nun:The Mirror of Sin and Desire

Any human action will be seen by evil spirits. Not only will those evil sins and desires drag people into the abyss, but the little goodness and fear will also make people become the puppet of the devil.This was the usual trick of the fallen derland, the devil gave her the ability to see through the human heart. "I saw you, and I will be you, or you will be me." Derland can accumulate her own energy in the process of pursuing the fugitives.When the progress bar is fully charged, she can become an fugitive. Within the skill time, she can interact with any fugitive, but these interactions will not give her any points and there are only interaction actions in all interaction processes without progress bar charging.

    the first period, derland will create a killer illusion in a random location in a short time after the change, and make his fear range effective only for the fugitives she copied appearance.

the second period, derland can terminate the change at any time or at the end of the skill event, but in any case, before the end of the change, there will be a period called "revealing" in which the speed decreases ,small range of fear and sound. Within a certain period of time, she can't change many times to become the same fugitive.

Nuns have several new skills ( rough draft)           

1. Curse: Confusion            

What one sees is not always true. This curse will create four additional fire totems. Real fire totems will give you a 6%/7%/8% movement speed bonus. Each dismantled false Fire Totem will reduce the interaction speed of the fugitives by 5%. When this spell comes into effect, all totems except fire totems will be blocked by evil spirits (how many chances do you have? Derland)           

2, Is that you?           

Your presence will make all fugitives suspicious of each other, walking on the ground in panic, everyone will slow down to prevent mistakes. All interactions speed will reduce 5%/6% 7% when fugitives interact with two people (such as repairing generators, rescue, etc.) and 9%/10% 11% when they interact with three or more people. (Slow down to enjoy killing. Derland)       

3.The Tenth Commandment: Do not be greedy            

"You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or his manservant, or his maidservant, or his ox, or his ass, or anything that is your neighbor's." Qtes appears when the fugitive rummaging the box, and the speed of rummaging the box decreases by 9% 10% 11% (Bible, 20.17)           

4 The Call of the Devil Cave           

Since they won't come to you, go to them. When an fugitive within 30 degrees, 40/35/30 meters away, you will receive a reminder and expose you to all fugitives who are not in this area for 3/2/1 seconds ("If someone is trapped in a grave, ringing the bell may save his life." Derland)           

5 She's next to me.           

Your tricks have drove everyone crazy. When a fugitive is rescued, all fugitives will have your fear range lasting 10/12/15 seconds (only work to this fugitive), and the cooling time is 50/45/40 seconds. (Let them know that a rescue does not mean an escape, Derland)

i have also made background and accessories for the killer i designed

if u think my idea is of interesting or something unreasonable, pls make some comments, we could discuss it together!

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