New Chapter: Siren's Song

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New Killer: The Siren

Backstory: (I am not good with writing, so I will just give key points)

  • She lives by the ocean
  • Her parents taught her and her siblings to swin
  • has always been obsessed with mermaids
  • One day meets a man who says he can change her into a mermaid
  • Performs surgery and sews fish tail onto her legs
  • She has an extremely hard time walking due to the fish tail
  • enraged, she murders the man
  • the entity calls to her

New Map: The Cove. On top of a small hill, stands a magnificent lighthouse, where survivors and killers can roam its halls to the top. On one side of the lighthouse, waves crash onto the nearby shore. At the bottom of the hill, a small village of houses, which survivors can roam in and out of.

Killer's terror radius: 32 meters

Killer's movement speed: 4.4 m/s, 110%

Killer appearance: A beautiful girl with razor sharp teeth, and claw-like fingers (gifts from the entity). Her legs now have a fish tail sticking out of the sides. Due to this, she wobbles when she walk. Her face is ruined makeup, with dark soulless eyes.

Killer Power: Call of the Sea

When the siren uses her call, she can track down survivors.

  • For 3 seconds, the siren can use her Siren's call. She wails loudly, which causes survivors ears to scream out in pain, revealing their location to the killer when they are outside of a chase.
  • If the siren uses her Siren's call while in a chase, she will dash forward, like a dead-hard for the killer.
  • Her power has a 20 second cool down.

Killer main weapon: Corrupted Nails

A gift from the entity, her nails have been extended and sharpened for accuracy.


Hex: Sailor - Level 30 Teachable

You enchant survivors. When you begin a chase with a survivor, they suffer from the hindered status effect for 3/4/5 seconds. This perk is active until the hex totem is broken.

Hex: Dark abyss - Level 35 Teachable

It is scary being in the dark. When survivors use any blinding effects (flashlights, firecrackers) it will give the killer the effect and the survivor the effect as well. Blindness effects last for 3/4/5 seconds. This perk is active until the hex totem is broken.

Hex: Abandon ship! - Level 40 Teachable

The sight of you sends chills to the survivors spine. If a survivor is working on a generator, sabotoging a hook, or healing other survivors within a 8/10/12 meter range of you, they will stop what they are doing and cannot return until they are out of range. This perk is active until the hex totem is broken.

Mori: The siren uses her finger to beckon the survivor. When they walk over, she digs her claws into their chest, drags them to the floor with her, then wails into their ear. The scream stuns the survivor. Then she uses her teeth, and rips into the survivors chest. Once she sees the survivor has died, she leaves a searing kiss on their cheek.

If anyone has any notes, or survivor ideas please comment!

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