Behind the Mask (new license idea)

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I want nothing more than to see Leslie Vernon as the next licensed killer in Dead by Daylight!!! For those of you that dont know who he is, I suggest you see "Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon" . It's an amazing comedic homage to cult classic slasher films. Anyway Leslie would be right at home stalking the ol DbD campfire.

Here's how he works: Leslie can move at 125% speed UNLESS a survivor is looking at him then he drops to 110% (If you've seen the movie, you'll know this is a perfect if not hilarious mechanic for him). In addition he should either have a new type of trap that can be set on walls or ceilings, or possibly one that traps lockers (maybe both? could be OP).

If they want to go all in on the license we could also add his "Ahab" Doc Halloran (played by the great Robert Englund) as a survivor (I mean how cool would it be to do old Freddy vs new Freddy!?). His skills would include: "His Only Weakness..." start with 3 tokens which would grant a 4/6/8% increase in killer stun duration. "Ahab" which would function like "We're Gonna Live Forever" except tokens are awarded for stunning the killer/escaping the killers grasp (not stackable). "This Way!" which would grant a 5% bonus to gate opening speed for each additional survivor still alive when the Exit Gates are powered. For a max possible boost of 15%.

Leslie looks a bit similar to The Trapper but hopefully that's not a dealbreaker. I mean we got Leatherface when we already had The Hillbilly.

Please, discuss! Is this not as perfect a fit as I think it is? Any other better ideas for these characters? Let me know!


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    Um this is way too hectic and unclear, can you do this again but with the Dead by daylight format?

  • KordSeveredKordSevered Member Posts: 2

    Sorry I'm new to these forums. I'm unsure what the proper format is. Could you link an example so I can try to clarify?

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    Maybe something like this:

    New Killer: Leslie Vernon

    [Insert Bio on how this killer could have come to this realm, if licensed, then must be sequel to main movie adaption]

    [Explain Power, hopefully not too weak or strong]

    The Three Perks ____, ____, and ____ will allow _______ (What advantage will these perks offer for this killer?)

    And stats must include-

    Terror Radius

    Movement Speed


    Toxic Level (jk)

    Hopefully this helps ^^

  • Mr_QwayzarMr_Qwayzar Member Posts: 111

    ^^^ Something along those lines

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