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All you need to know - 3.7.0 PTB Mid-Chapter

The Legion changes

So I've had some time with them. I like the changes mostly. I think he's a strong killer now actually.

Top tier? Who knows. People get way too caught up in tier lists. I do think he's strong. I think he is clearly mid tier. He's in with Myers/Doctor/Huntress I think. In terms of power and ability.

The only thing I would change on him is his terror radius. It was 24m, now it's 32. Why not compromise and make it 28m?

I really feel like that would be a nice change. Also his Cool Dirt add on should get a revert or "small" buff. It's from .8 to .4 now? I can't remember the numbers. Very Rare and Ultra rare add ons should be powerful.

From what I understand his killer instinct radius will always be 32m unless using Distressing? Just make his normal terror radius 28m I don't see why not.

@not_Queen @Peanits


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