Killer fanfic idea : THE BLIND KILLER

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Base stats

Speed - 125%

Terror radius - 24m

Height - Medium

Weapon of choice - Rapier

Gender - Male

(Note : No name or story for him just yet, sorry)


About the killer..

THE BLIND is a little more different kind of killer compared to the roster. He has a passive and an active ability, I will be explaining these abilities better down bellow, for now I'm gonna say what I feel like this killer will be and why it might be a fun implement to this game.

This killer starts the game in pitch darkness, as the name suggested, he is blind. The map is instead defined in tracers for him, showing him where he can and cannot walk. Windows, pallets, lockers and generators are in red-outlines, standing out from the other map features. (So as to not hinder his ability to see too much).

However, this killer has a much higher hearing, meaning that even straight up running will cause the survivor to emit tracers that allow the killer to detect where the noise is coming from (and ultimately, find the survivor). The killer cannot hear the survivor from far away if he remains quiet or does quiet actions, like walking slowly.

The killer can, however, hear anything around him, which means that if you are standing within 12 meters of him, he will hear you breath, whether you are injured or not. He cannot detect people who are inside lockers, though.

This is a killer that takes action based on sound, which means that smart survivors will try to detect him as early as possible and outmaneuver him by walking slowly and using surrounding objects to their advantage.



Passive ability : Blindness

This killer starts the trial with a pitch black screen, only vaguely seeing objects around him in traces of lines (as if it was a 3d geometric cube with no interior, just the lines). Pallets, windows, lockers and generators are instead outlined in red as to not provide him with too much of a handicap. He sees the rest of the map like a blind person would see, creating a memory of what the location should generally be and see it as lines of obstacles instead of the actual obstacles.

While in this state, he cannot see survivors unless they make any type of noise, in which they will be outlined in red tracers for the killer for aslong as they make the noise (running, vaulting etc). These outlines last 1 second after stopping the noise in question.

He also has a very sensitive hearing so he can hear any survivors breathing while standing within 12ms of him, revealing their position in tracers for the killer to follow.

The general range of the killer's hearing (for survivors running, vaulting etc) is 48ms.

Being stunned by a pallet causes the killer to lose all sense of direction for the duration of the stun, not being able to see where the survivors goes afterwards for 3 seconds.

Active power : Bell traps

The killer can plant bell traps all around the map, up to 5 at any time. These bell traps are infinite and take 3 seconds to arm, however he cannot have more than 5 at any given time, placing down a 6th one will make the first one disappear.

These bell traps, when triggered, causes the bell to attach to the survivor in question and emit a sound that the killer can hear from any part of the map. Everytime the survivors moves, whether running or walking, the bell rings, marking its current position to the killer. The survivors can stand still and remove the bell, taking 10 seconds to do so. However, caution should be advised as the killer knows you stepped into it.


Personal perks

Deafening sound : A perk that doubles the range in which you can hear a generator being worked on, and if a survivor is currently on it at the moment this perk activates, it gives a visual cue, as if the gen was exploded. This perk can only activate if you are within range of the generator sound.

Can't hide : A perk that activates after you hit a survivor once. For the following 45 seconds, regular vaulting and hiding in lockers gives visual cues to the killer, allowing him to see the survivor clearly (in a red silhouette just like barbecue or nurse's calling) for 5 seconds. This perk has a range of 32ms.

Hex : Lights out : A hex totem that grows in power everytime the killer hits its prey. Once the killer has hooked atleast 1 survivor, this perk activates and the hex is applied to a random totem on the map. Everytime the killer hits a survivor successfully, he gains a token.

At 4 tokens : Survivors suffer from the blindness effect

At 7 tokens : Injured survivors can be heard much more loudly and give visual cues to the killer everytime he's standing within 12m of one

At 10 tokens : The whole map turns pitched dark, much like the killer. However, gens are not distinguishable, thus they cannot know if a gen is there or not. Totems, however, are outlined in red everytime you are within 4 meters of it. The survivors can see pallets, windows and lockers, however.

Hex perk remains aslong as the associated totem is on the map.


That's it.. Hope you guys like this idea and any criticism is highly appreciated.

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  • Mr_QwayzarMr_Qwayzar Member Posts: 111

    Few comments

    -How does Urban evasion work against him?

    - is iron will somewhat a counter

    - is Stridor going to overpower him?

    Killer perks:

    1. Low teir but solid

    2. It started out good but then you made it specific to him. Teachable perks can't be specific to one killer (I'm talking about the "see survivors clearly " part)

    3. That's one nasty hex.

    I can already see a lot of visual glitches with this but it does something unique, messing with the senses


  • wingedwolf94wingedwolf94 Member Posts: 47

    Yessss I love the idea of a killer who can hear better but has reduced vision! Either through its core ability or some sort of perk that reduces field of vision while increasing volume of environmental sounds made by survivors. Like footsteps and breathing.

  • excalibur1swordexcalibur1sword Member Posts: 4
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    Hey there! Thanks for this huge eye opening as I haven't really thought about the hearing perks.

    About Urban evasion, it should work normally, since he cannot hear you if you walk slowly or crouch anyway so the extra speed will not do any difference.

    Iron will and stridor, however, is something I've been thinking and I believe the best way to balance perks like these would be the following..

    Hearing related perks, whether killer or survivor ones, are reduced by 50%. This means, iron will is only gonna be 50% less louder instead of 100% AND stridor + the hex totem are gonna work at 50% effectiveness for him, providing him with a 11.25% boost to regular hearing and 25% to injured hearing.

    Think that'd be a good way of balancing these perks? Also, since stridor and the hex do seem to share similarities, it'd seem convenient to make both of those effects not stackable, just like the FoV ones.

    In regards to the second perk, what I meant by "see survivors clear" is a red silhouette, like nurse's calling or barbecue. That should clear up some confusion.

    I'm glad you liked it ^-^

  • fetchestfetchest Member Posts: 10

    I love this killer! When I was reading this it sounded like 'The Minds Eye" from identity v!

  • excalibur1swordexcalibur1sword Member Posts: 4

    Shameless bump.

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 1,463

    Interesting, I love the idea but make the perks more general for all Killers.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 551

    Really like the idea of a blind killer. Your ability seems really cool although instead of the hex totem giving the pitch black screen I'd add that to the killer instead. Have it so he can choose to turn the screen pitch black for 5 seconds, giving off an audio cue when he begins doing it.

    Deafening Sound could also decrease survivors hearing while on a generator.

    Can't hide I personally don't think is great. Don't really know what suggestion to give.

    Hex: Lights Out I dont think is that strong until all the tokens are collected but I think it is better as part of his ability. Maybe everytime a survivor is hooked all other survivors gain blindness and deafness until the survivor has been unhooked?

  • excalibur1swordexcalibur1sword Member Posts: 4

    I do think the perks are more general as it is, Cant hide seems to be pretty good on killers like spirit that suffer from impaired vision and having people highlighted for regular vaulting or lockers seem to be pretty strong, although not really worth the perk slot though. I'm gonna try to make them a little better without making them op. thanks for the suggestion!

    I don't think the hex would be usable if it was an active ability that only lasted 5 seconds though. The point of the hex ability is to get to that mid game and cause complete havoc on survivors' objetive clearing. Atleast I don't think it's a really good idea to make it only a 5 second ability. But thanks for the suggestion!

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