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When did Survivor Breathing while Crouched change?

Usually with Stridor I can hear when survivors breath while crouching behind things a fair distance away (cause headphones). But it seems that crouching now suppresses regular breathing, as well as pained breathing. (you can even notice it while playing as a survivor).

When did this change? Stridor is now pretty much useless against regular breathing now.


  • scareadactylscareadactyl Member Posts: 3

    I haven't noticed a difference. What platform do you play on?

  • PeepingPeacockPeepingPeacock Member Posts: 354
    edited May 2019

    Are you sure you're not just confusing this with the messed up sound occlusion they added?

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 10,895

    I am curious as well about this, I crouched as Ash before and my breathing and groans of pain reduced without iron will

  • SurpriseSurpriseSurpriseSurprise Member Posts: 1,862
  • wait4him2leavewait4him2leave Member Posts: 118

    As survivor myself and the killer seemed to be quieter

  • Tru3LemonTru3Lemon Member Posts: 1,358

    as a survivor i can hear myself breathing so heavy its just bad it makes stealth bad if ppl have good hearphones

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    Devs messed up the sounds on the killer side, @Peanits this is another bug.

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,440

    As far as I'm aware, your breathing when crouched is no different from your breathing when standing. You may be noticing audio occlusion if they crouch behind something, but otherwise it would not change.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 3,903

    There's a change in pitch when crouching compared to standing while injured. I've noticed this while playing survivor. Thought it was intended actually. @Peanits

  • TKTKTKTK Member Posts: 943

    All the sounds are messed up i cant even hear footsteps to hear where they are going. I hope this gets fixed soon cause it wasn't like this before.

  • AlfredAlfred Member Posts: 272

    Only what I can hear most of times is fire cracking...

    The noise levels are completely messed up.

    No footsteps

    Only breathing which I can hear is from Nurse

    Injured survivals feel no pain

    Crawling survivals can be hear only if they are really close to you.

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