When will something be done about SWF rigging

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We all know SWF is completely overriding the balance of the game. There's no fun in being a killer against teams that can report your every move so they're always 2-3 steps ahead of you no matter what. Mind-games can't beat a Discord server.

Seriously, this game has enough problems with rendering one half of the gameplay into a bloodpoints-pinata for people who want to rig the game. The SWF players know they're rigging the game so they hide themselves offline or set their profiles to private, only to say "Lol git gud" at the end. It takes 30-40 minutes to get a single solo-survivors game as killer irrespective of rank now.

SWF will quit to deny you points, because they know they'll rig the next game and get their rank back (and it doesn't affect the rest of them), they report what hooks you go to, if you're even within sight of a hooked survivor, and we just end up in a position where playing Killer is no longer fun at all.

We can't just change killer to a more pro-SWF killer because our killer ranks are the same so we just get even crappier games that we have no perks for, and we can't grind the killers up via other killers because we're earning so few bloodpoints due to SWF rigging games to specifically crap on killers. For the love of god at least let us opt out of SWF lobbies, because they are a critical flaw in the game.

Devs ignore the steam suggestions (Even though it's more active than this feedback forum), so seriously... when is this going to even start to get fixed? Or is it another "We're looking into it" like how 3 years later we still get frozen loading screens...



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    I understand why they have it in, removing it would hurt the playerbase, but seriously it's so broken / unbalanced due to the advantages it confers. We're getting spammed by licensed DLC, premium currency stores on top of that, and these things just seem to get 100% ignored no matter what. If it's going to be so aggressively monetized, at least be fixing it.

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    Nope!I think if delete SWF then toxic players will be not toxic and survivors switch on brains and will think "how go out"

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    There are still toxic solo survivors who will stand at a 99% generator just to dab on you when you pop up and watch them insta-finish it. Toxicity can be dealt with via tunnelling. SWF is like 99% of the game now though. It's not that it exists, it's that it's ruining the balance. You could give me double bloodpoints and no-deranks for playing with SWF and I still wouldn't choose to do it because it's taken all the fun out of the game.

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    Agreed, but they desperately need to do something to alleviate the fact that it derails the gamebalance for killers. SWF has just become a way to guarantee you're farming bloodpoints, whilst killers get minimal bloodpoints, typically derank or at least can't rank up, and watch game after game after game be the same old "They know what I'm doing at all times and thus they can't be countered"

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    They can't stop discord etc being used, but they need to confer significant gameplay changes to the killer to actually even it out. Faster movement buffs in chases, longer generator times, faster generator decay, make it take more than 1 frame of gametime to stop generator decay, if one SWF guy quits to deny you score, derank the entire SWF team for each one of them that quits.

    Tbh blinding survivors and making them unable to hear terror radius when on the hook would be such an immense change too, though it won't stop the rest of the SWF problems.

    Honestly you could literally put 2 killers in SWF games and I think that might balance it legitimately, but in terms of keeping 1 killer around, they need to be significantly more powerful against SWF. Killers tend to tear solo survivors apart, as intended, but SWF teams just bypass all intended balance and their efficiency skyrockets to a point that just being a good killer isn't going to change things at all.

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    XD I always play worse with my friends, because I always want to protect them and end up making stupid mistakes. With Randoms I'm less attached, and for some reason that helps me play better. ^.^ I've also been in games when they accused us of being in groups when we weren't. It's just how well they play or not. Personally I think killers should be allowed to play in groups too. XD That would be so awesome, way better than the end game.

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    Lol anyone up for a KWF? I made a post about a possible new play mode where two killers could play together before you judge the idea search for collision

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    o.o What does KWF mean? OH Oh! Killer with Friends? ^.^ I would totally play that, but as a survivor. :)

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    This wouldn't do anything. People will just do what they did before SWF, and just queue up at the same time till they get in each others lobbies.

  • TrueKn1ghtmar3TrueKn1ghtmar3 Member Posts: 660

    https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/63030/new-game-mode-collision#latest this is the link to the collision game mode thread if anyone would like to read

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    Removing SWF or voice chat is completely pointless. Remove SWF and people just dodge until they get their friends, try to block voice chat and... STEAM ITSELF has voice chat integrated, so good luck with that.

    As has been said a million times - buff info for solo survivors, buff killers that need it accordingly. I wouldn't mind BP bonuses or anything like that as it doesn't directly impact gameplay though.

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    For obvious reason the "optimal" route would be to put all advantages of swf into the basekit of survivors and then buff killers / nerf survivors accordingly.

    There are obviously problems with this route.

    • The amount of informations provided to survivors via auras, ping-tools etc will kill immersion and boost survivors a lot. Every piece of info the game provides is info the swf does NOT need to think about.
    • Survivor complains will skyrocket if survivor nerf / killer buffs are too much for the now information boosted noobs
    • Killer complains will skyrocket if the compensation for the information (aforementioned buffs and nerfs) is not enough
    • The devs tend to do everything in baby steps and mostly one thing at a time. Killers fear that it might take more than 6months after the survivor information boost until the killer buffs even get concepts.

    Im not talking changes to single perks, im talking nerfs to basic mechanisms like hit-sprint or killer fov. Gamechanging variables need to be changed as compensation for those swf-advantages.

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    There's a very simple and even a fun solution to this that many not only see as a compromise, but as a novelty feature: introduce 2 killer games specifically for swf mode.

    So swf survivors can only match up with swf killers, so a separate lobby for them.

    And the amount of survivors from 4 to 10 (trust me, 8 is too low, even for swf).

    Idk about gens, but devs will figure it out.

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    What is this thread...

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    To be honest: Most SWF aren't that good. I've played with friends and they ignored so many things like "Don't do that gen here or you'll split the map" and what did they do? Right, that gen and BOOM Killer has now 4 gen in one spot. Just one example. As a Killer I see this happen a lot. Or save unhooks because you moved out of their terror radius. Pretty funny when you play Spirit with M&A and you're not in chase: 16m terror radius -> lets unhook and so on.

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    @jESP NEED to try block voice or delete SWF and watch what will happen

  • MegsAreEvilMegsAreEvil Member Posts: 456

    Then we will delete Hooks too. theyre gamebreaking.

  • UkilledLegionUkilledLegion Member Posts: 271
  • MegsAreEvilMegsAreEvil Member Posts: 456

    Same reason you wanna SWF deleted.

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    It's understandable why SWF is in. It encourages more player activity by having friends, but I don't think it's an unfair statement that it overrides the intended game balance to a significant degree.

    You can mind-game like a pro, you can pick killers that are great for quick chases, you can take Hex:Ruin since it's critical meta, but you're still not going to get past discord-teams telling each other where you're going after a hook, what generators to finish if you chase them off it, and so many other issues that arise from the communication that the game otherwise does not allow.

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    I'm with you 100%. SWF groups have utterly killed this game for me.

    Perfect example: decided to play a quick Doctor match. By the time I managed to walk to the furthest generator it was at 90% complete. I get into a chase and next thing I know, somehow, the survivors know where I'm gonna be or what I'm gonna do the entire game. By the time the last gen was done, I had hooked maybe 2 people two times? I just turned the game off hopefully denying THEM pointd for once. I actually jusy uninstalled it bc the fun to annoyance ratio is far too out of wack for me... 2 years of hardcore grinding down the drain.

    I'm just completely sick of this bs game and how the devs just keep favoring survivors and nerfing killers. It's no longer fun to play killer imo... dealing with swf, 28938663893 pallets every map, slower vault speed (whyyyyyyy), slower movement speed, 7389976552 survivor crutch perks, entire teams spawning on a generator without so muchnas an offering in EVERY game now... just f it.

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    @Carnage845 I agree, the developers have made the game completely in favor of the survivors.And the system grades them easier.I think it's time for the developers to make a balance towards the killer because it survival-HORROR. Now its only circus.

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    Imo a good start would be 50% faster bloodlust, a 0.1 speed increase to all killers if it's SWF, and prevent deranking for killer if they're gonna go up against rigged teams. That would at least be a step in the right direction.

    If people wanna play SWF, they should expect the increased challenge to work both ways.

    The game is in a state where it's better to DERANK as a killer because at least it gives you a tiny chance of not being against SWF. The devs have made the game anti-solo and anti-killer.

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    @Traslogan I agree bloodlust work very bad<lol Legion's moonwalker fixed and Legion can't see scale :D but if survivor go away from ur visibility line>bloodlust immideately stop :D Where is equity? :D

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    Ekhm... Not EVERY swf are toxic tryhards. Not all of them even use comms.

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    I sometimes play SWF with a friend, and very rarely with one or two more. No comms, and we play like complete potatoes. I do at least, she not so much. But at any rate, I see a lot of SWF far from the "toxic genrushing fully organized SWAT team" type, when I'm playing killer. Sure, people using comms have an unfair advantage, but it's hardly gamebreaking.

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