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Left behind & Sole survivor

Left behind

You'll get the job done... No matter the cost. If you are the last Survivor remaining in the trial, for each Generator that needs to be completed, gain a 55/65/75 % bonus to Repair speed.

I would also have the hatch aura be shown for X amount of seconds. Thinking maybe 10 seconds.

Extra idea - Also maybe with "Left Behind", gen's wont get blocked by the entity if the hatch is closed and a repaired gen will reopen the hatch. (Exit gates will still be powered)

Extra idea (not needed) - Increase post-game bloodpoints in the objective category by X%

Sole Survivor

Obsession - 20m/24m/Immunity; Have it so after the 3rd survivor is killed/mori/disconnects you are immune to killer aura perks like how it was before they changed it from % numbers to now a set meter distance . QOL, make it so you gain a token right away after a sacrifice/mori has started not ended. Would like OoO aura to at least be fully block at tier 3 the perk its meant to be paired with which it doesn't now.

Extra idea (not needed)(only tier 3) - After all survivors are killed and you are the obsession, you gain immunity to aura reading and also status effects (exhaustion, mangled, blindness, exposed etc.) (could possibly work against tier 3 Myers for the exposed; not against billy/leatherface). Clown's bottles wont slow you down (since its hindered status)

Another idea (not needed)(only tier 3) - Maybe even immunity to bear traps (can walk through them), rbt's (dont active or stop activating), and hag traps (wont trigger). Deep wounds been nerfed enough so it wont count.

Can give a list of things the survivor wouldn't be affected by if needed down below.

Another idea (not needed) - The EGC is slowed by X% if activated and if your the obsession (only tier 3 and last alive)

Know all this sounds super strong, but you are the last survivor alive so this perk should (to me personally) should greatly improve your chance of surviving and only the obsession can gain this ability. 

So if you start as the obsession and someone else use's DS, you lose this strong ability and cant get it back (unless u have DS too) or if you dont start as the obsession at all especially with everyone using MoM

Non-obsession: 16m/20m/24m or 16m/18m/20m or lower numbers

Keep in mind that the obsession can switch/change between survivors with DS and the new upcoming Ghostface perk (possibly more perks in the future)

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