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New Survivor perk idea againts camping

Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 250
edited May 14 in General Discussions


 * After being on hook at least 10 seconds, this perk activates.

  • Timer will start: For each 3 seconds that killer is within 16 meter range from hook, all Survivors will gain +2% Repair Action speed bonus up to maximum of +24 / +26 / +30 % bonus.
  • Being unhooked will remove all that action speed bonus.
  • If any Survivor is in chase within that 16 meter range, timer will stops count
  • Bonus will remain even after Killer will leave that 16 meter range
  • If Killer will leave and again enter that 16 meter range timer will start again to count towards bonus for Survivors.


  • CubeyBlueDiceCubeyBlueDice Member Posts: 61

    Doesn’t kindred promote anti-camping? Everyone sees each other and sees the killer within 16 meters from the hook so then people are just like “oh they’re being camped, lets just work on generators with each other.” If people don’t think like this it’s their fault for not taking the opportunity to complete generators while the killer is camping.

  • ChiChi Member Posts: 748

    I think the bonus should decrease over time.

  • Toxicity23Toxicity23 Member Posts: 233

    I don't think we should have this, hell, as the previous guy stated, Kindred promotes anti-camping. It's just the fact that people are complete dipsh#ts for not doing generators, even WITH Kindred.

  • Kees_TKees_T Member Posts: 53

    Hell no SWF would abuse it.

  • Mtom912Mtom912 Member Posts: 70
  • HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 662
    edited May 17

    If killer camps he looses anyway, unless survivors are not completely brain dead.

    You get camped? Don't try to kobe and leave killer with one hook and depip.

    2 minutes is more than enough to close the game.

    This perk is not needed but i can agree for its existance under one condition: no bonus can be gained if survivors are near hook.

    Btw: there already is kindred (literally the best perk in entire game, which isn't even teachable and even got insane buffs lately) but survivors still don't use it.

    Its survivors that make camping work, not killers.

    Edit: you know how to even counter this useless perk? Myc on Spirit/Hag/Nurse/Billy.

  • MdsTheGriffinMdsTheGriffin Member Posts: 32

    How about having the countdown timer for the hooked survivor be slowed by a lot. If the killer is within say... 16 meters. The countdown timer takes twice as long and the countdown meter changes color. It doesn't really buff survivors, because it will only apply to the hooked survivor, IF the killer is camping. It will give the other survivors more time to do gens because they will know the killer is camping, so they know not to go for the hooked survivor. It will discourage camping because the killer won't get anything done because they will be too busy camping a survivor that is going to take a long time to die.

    This shouldn't be a perk though. This should just be a game mechanic, IMO. Because you shouldn't need a perk to discourage camping. You should discourage camping while also encouraging the killer to go find other people.

  • Kees_TKees_T Member Posts: 53

    What? Do you even play killer or you are an brainded survivor?

    SWF to not play for win but just to bully bad killers. They can abuse this timer-stop by running very close to the hooked survivor. If the killer puts someone on the hook and he sees another guy to try to save him, he will go after him, making the timer stop while he is not camping. Survivors loves to cry when they're on the hook but loves to make fun on the exit gates.

  • 23flash23flash Member Posts: 57

    201 IQ post. I would just say if the killer is within 16 meters but they are chasing someone or gen damaging or pallet breaking or setting traps or actions as such, it should just be normal, but if they aren't doing anything but moving around or looking away standing still then yea that works great. It should be a game mechanic, and also the timer going slower would allow the team to be able to get the person off the hook when they finish all the gens, cause its not right the person has to suffer and depip and get barely any points because they were the unlucky 1st chase.

  • pandorayrpandorayr Member Posts: 333

    +30% bonus? are u crazy? lol

  • SpaceCoconutSpaceCoconut Member Posts: 497

    The trick to stopping camping is to give killers a beneficial reason to leave the hook. They already have an Emblem penalty for being near the hook which does nothing to stop camping.

    Instead, maybe give the killers a bonus against the other survivors while a survivor is on the hook. Maybe a small bonus to movement, vaulting, breaking pallets, gen regression speed, or use of their power.

    This would not only encourage the killer to go and hunt other survivors to get a bigger bonus or take advantage of the bonus they've just gained, it would encourage survivors to rescue the hooked survivor sooner rather than later.

    The important part of this suggestion is that this would need to be implemented as a gameplay mechanic and NOT a perk.

  • AStupidMonkeyyAStupidMonkeyy Member Posts: 718

    Original timer was a minute and 30 seconds. It got increased to 2 minutes. You increase gen times and then you can increase hook timers.

  • AStupidMonkeyyAStupidMonkeyy Member Posts: 718
  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,108

    So its that idea they once tried in the PTB but as an always active perk?

    You know that change never made it through because survivors exploited it to hell and back, right?

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 353
    edited May 18

    How about a perk where the camped survivor gets a free release? It triggers once they reach the 2nd phase of sacrifice with the killer (and no survivors) within 20 meters for the entire 1st phase.

    Once the “struggle” begins, the survivor produces a syringe from their pocket and injects a stinging fluid into the Entity’s leg. (Skill check maybe? Like decisive strike?) When this happens, the Entity screeches and shrieks and takes off running in a random direction, dragging the survivor with it. (Thanks to EGC, we now know what a mobile Entity looks like!). The injured survivor becomes “unsnagged” from the dragged hook after a drag distance of 50/75/100 meters. The hook remains broken as though a sacrifice occurred.

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 353

    Oh, and the entity moves at very high speed, leaving the camping killer far behind.

  • BigBlackMoriBigBlackMori Member Posts: 220

    THIS is a good idea. I like this, a lot. Giving Killers a nice little bonus while a survivor is hooked would be game-changing; even a small speed boost or something like slowed action speed while someone is hooked would be enough; i'd lean toward survivors losing action speed since that actually rewards killers with more time to hunt when they succeed at their only objective.

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 824

    Slowing action speed when hooked only makes camping worse. Not only will the survivor die on the hook, but now the other survivor's who were playing smart by working on gens now suffer even more. The only thing that would promote NOT camping is movement speed when moving away from the hook.

  • prayer_survivorprayer_survivor Member Posts: 499

    Make kindred the same perk as B&C. I mean, give kindred same BP as barbacue and you see all survs with this perk.

    Don't know why killer says that B&C is necessary if we don't want killers to camper. if I want the killer to know where I am I can vault or throw a pallet or something like that.

    If B&C was a survivor perk we see this forum full of crying killers asking for a nerf.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 1,137

    @prayer_survivor what are you even asking for, lol? You want to change kindred so it awards BPs each time you get hooked or something?

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 353

    I think it’s more like other survivors see the killer aura when someone is hooked. I don’t see that being very useful since we all know where he is anyway when someone gets hooked. Also, “Alert” is the same thing but occurs more often.

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