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Face and proximity camping Reward



  • Mr_QwayzarMr_Qwayzar Member Posts: 112

    Camping isn't correct not only to me, but most of the Community which why everyone wants to fix it.

    Isnt there already a point reduction in game for staying In range of a survivor's hook? I remember seeing something like that

  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 377

    @Orion How is it connected with camping?

    Its simple, people who play solo way too often suicide when the killer is camping them and because of this camping can give killers an easy and quick kill and not allowing teammates to punish killer for camping by doing gens. Why people do that? Simply because they don't want to waste their time by hanging around with the killer and receive only 900 bp for struggling.

    This won't remove suiciding on the hook or camping, but should nerf camping slightly in lower ranks without giving any way of exploiting it. (Unless someone decides to give a huge amount of raw bloodpoints to a camped survivor)

  • Mr_QwayzarMr_Qwayzar Member Posts: 112

    @LastShoe is the BP multiplier for a camped survivor good or nah?

  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 377

    @Mr_Qwayzar Bad, very bad... There will be no better thing than getting camped at the endgame and survivor that will be camped at early can can get nothing from it.

  • JespJesp Member Posts: 192

    Give the killer bonus points for doing stuff while someone is on the hook, and for a little while after they get unhooked. So if they do something worth 500 points they get 750 instead or something, I don't know what sort of bonus percentage would be good for this but you get the point.

    And the original post in the thread was purely about survivor BLOODPOINT generation and not gameplay punishments like slower sac stages... how is that controversial at all? Should be Survival category and not "event" points though. It doesn't punish the killer in any way if the survivor on the hook gets some extra bloodpoints, unless the killer's reason for camping in the first place is to deny the survivor points which is just completely pointless.

  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 377

    @Jesp He edited his post, it earlier was classic "Hook slowdown/pause if killer is in x meter range"

  • Mr_QwayzarMr_Qwayzar Member Posts: 112

    Yeah got shot down from that point

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 1,343

    The countless amount of times this has been stated is annoying.

    Slowing or halting the hook progression.

    It was abused by survivors who would just run around the hook evil forcing to lose a lot of pressure if they continued or abandoning a chase allowing for a very easy save.

    Point bonus for survivors once again

    Abused by abuse by survivors.

    Now for potential ideas that might get put out

    Bloodpoint degradation for Killers

    If you don't think this is going to be abused by survivors I don't think you've played this game for too long.

    Faster generator progression if the killer is by the hook.

    You're guessing the pattern aren't you

    As it's been stated before if you want to fizzle out camping you need to add incentives to not camp, same thing for tunneling.

    For example adding something like an action speed the debuff to people who just got off the hook would mean that the killer has no reason to go after them as they going to be working slower.

  • zach3734zach3734 Member Posts: 36

    Notice how people complain about killers but it’s always the survivors abusing any changes they make

  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 377

    @zach3734 Killers abuse many things as well... should i bring up why the legion was reworked? There was nothing that one could possibly do against the moon walking legion.

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