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Laggy typing. (Mobile)

GrootDudeGrootDude Member, Trusted Posts: 10,436

I’ve been experiencing this since the mobile site was removed and it is only on the forums. Can anyone tell me why I might be experiencing this?


  • CubeyBlueDiceCubeyBlueDice Member Posts: 61

    This happens to me too.

    For some reason when I hit the backspace it would delete half my post without me holding the button 😦

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 11,721

    It's also laggy for me on PC when I try to edit a comment.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 615

    There's an obscene delay between hitting the keys and the characters appearing on screen.

  • TheShape78TheShape78 Member Posts: 552

    I have the exact same issue using the PS4 Internet browser.

  • KiskashiKiskashi Member Posts: 1,038

    I thought maybe my device was just bugged on this site but I guess it's not just me, that typing delay plus the backspace lag is painful. It's not consistent though, I think for me it's usually when I go to edit, it's rare, maybe while loading a page/image etc on the mobile version?

  • KeanuqwertyKeanuqwerty Member Posts: 93
    edited May 28

    that sucks

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