Survivor Idea: Mascot Max (will this get more views if I mention the survivor is wearing a hotdog?)

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Story: Max's father abandoned him at a young age, and his mom was disabled and couldn't work. When Max was 15, he was basically forced into working, because if he didn't, his mother, sister, two brothers, and himself would be homeless.

Max immediately got work from multiple places, because no one else wanted the work. Max always got hired as a mascot. No one wanted to wear those ugly suits, that smelled like pure sweat, and get treated poorly by dumb children trying to bite him. But he was desperate, and would take anything he could.

Max got used to the sweaty smell of the suit, and got really good at talking to children, and got, in his opinion, great money for yelling like an idiot in a funny suit.

Max was so good at his job, everyone wanted a mascot like him, he would boost sales by 10% at the least. To say he was good at being the mascot is an extreme understatement.

One day, while twirling his sign for the hotdog place, he accidentally drops it, and it landed in the sewers. He asked some people working in the sewer if he could go there to retrieve the sign. The workers agreed, that was the last anyone has seen of Max.



You need to attract customers to get sales. Pressing the button you mapped for this action makes Max yell loudly. This makes a noise notification to the killer, reveals your aura to him for 7/6/5 seconds, and gives you the exposed status effect for 50/40/30 seconds. Each time you do this, you gain a token. For each token, you gain an additional 50% blood points, up to a max of 100%/150%/200%. You can't activate this during the endgame collapse.

"HOTDOGS! COME GET YER HOTDOGS!" - Max, at a normal day of work.

Can you cover for me?:

As the only money maker in the house, you need to make sure everyone is doing ok, so you ask for people to cover for you. You can go to a random survivor, press the button you mapped for this action near them, and ask for them to cover for you. If the action is successful, the survivor gets an increased action speed of 6%/12%/18%. Meanwhile, your action speed is decreased by 12%/9%/6%. This action adds 250 blood points in the altruism category during trial.

"Um, hey... I got to go somewhere for a bit, can you cover for me?" - Max

Sign Twirling:

In the end, you did find your sign, just not where you were hoping.

Once per game, you can summon a sign by pressing a button you mapped, you can throw this item at the killer, stunning them for 3/4/5 seconds. Doing this makes you exposed for 40/30/20 seconds after they recover. If you hit the killer, this perk grants a token. If you have a token, you gain 25% extra boldness points post trial.

"Time to put my skills into good work." -Max

Ya know how every survivor can be described in 2 words, like "Nervous Leader," or "Lone Wolf?" Well, Max's description is he's a "Audacious Mascot."

With his perks, he can rake in tons of sales, while covering for the team.


Weird thing about Max, his 3 customizable clothing are different from others. One Slot is for the entire body, One is for the limbs (Arms and Legs), and the other is his face.

He has the following suits

  1. (Default) Hotdog
  2. Hamburger
  3. Pizza
  4. Lobster
  5. (The only thing I like about Fortnite is the...) Banana Suit
  6. Shampoo Bottle
  7. Sports Drink
  8. Lastly, just his regular body not in the suit. Dirty Tank Top, Torn Pants, and Unshaved Beard.

So, I like to hear thoughts about this please. Thanks.

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