Collision on hatch needs fix (PS4)

It was the end of the game, I was standing on the hatch 100% in the middle and the killer was standing there as well. They were guarding it to make sure I didn't leave. As I sprinted up and to the hatch where the killer was guarding I was going to leave as soon as it opened. When I stood there, waiting, the hatch opened. I pressed R1 as soon as I could, but it seems I was not able to jump. The collision was pushing me away. The killer didn't seem to have any issues closing hatch that she was guarding so I lost. That's something that needs to be fixed, so I thought explaining my whole scenario would be best for the devs. Thank you.


  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 377

    Wait... how could you sprint towards the hatch if you were standing on the hatch in the middle with the killer...

    This whole story has so many loose ends.

  • VitalSignsNegativeVitalSignsNegative Member Posts: 15

    Okay let me rephrase it sorry. They were guarding it, to make sure I didn't escape, as they should. So they were standing a good body length away. As my friend got sacrificed, I sprinted towards the hatch and stood on top of it, waiting for it to open. That should clear any "loose ends" but you say there is so many and that was only one. Please inform me of the others so I could properly address them :)

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 538

    Why did you run toward the killer who was standing on top of the hatch?

  • VitalSignsNegativeVitalSignsNegative Member Posts: 15

    They weren't, I explicitly stated that they were a body lengths away. Please read the comment that I made.

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