Survivors have it so easy

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Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. Instaheal medkits; BT, DS, MoM; Super safe pallets, L wall T walls; massive loopable structures with poorly designed areas for killers to follow. When is there going to be some massive redesign and balance to this game? When are killers who are already weak going to stop getting nerfed? When are things going to seriously get looked at so the game is fun for everyone and not just survivors, especially the bullies?



  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 117

    I'm not bashing people for playing survivors except the bullies. I'm bashing the map and game design that allow for them to get away with so much without putting in much effort. I play both, I was playing survivor right before I played killer, and the differences where as always stark and contrasting. I was relaxed and barely had to think while playing survivor, and I could run the killer around and get gens done, I could force the killer to have to split between two half of the maps by myself, and I was playing solo. Compare to my killer game where I have to be on 110% mode at every moment with no time for a breather or relaxation because as soon as I finish a chase with somneone I have to run across the map to try and keep another gen from popping, and its just egregiously stressful and takes all of my focus. Thats all I'm saying is I would like for both sides of gameplay to come somewhere to the middle of these completely different feelings.

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    The game comes to mind for super safe pallets. As well as badham preschool. Lery's as well. The Pale Rose herself. And many others. And I am aware they are mind gameable, I do my best to mind game them, but again, its way easier to do that on the survivor side since you can see so much more and react, wheras the killer has to guess to where the survivor is going next, putting more responsibilty and therefore more stress on the person who is on a team of one vs a team of 4. Also I didn't see you list what is OP on the killers side, just one thing that is on the survivor side.

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    Playing with three other (often boosted) survivors, farming, sandbagging, tunneling, camping, less points than killer. Huntress Iri heads, Nurse's long blinks (she doesn't need more map pressure) and multi-blinks, insta-saw, prayer beads, Moris. Both sides have unfun stuff to face and unfun aspects of it and It isn't just survivors who bully new players, either. Survivors aren't the only toxic ones. No mode is "easy mode." You just need to adapt to what you're going against.

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    I was relaxed and barely had to think while playing survivor, and I could run the killer around and get gens done, I could force the killer to have to split between two half of the maps by myself, and I was playing solo.

    What game where you playing? c: 'Cause we're not talking about the same game. Just because you're lucky and get inept killers every single time and survivors who work with you, doesn't mean that's the experience for everyone. Honestly I play killer when I want to relax after being farmed or 1 hooked multiple games in a row.

    The game comes to mind for super safe pallets.

    You mean the most killer-friendly map?

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    Give me a list of killer sided maps. Because the closest I can think of is shelter woods, and I consider that the most balanced map in the game. The game has a plethroa of safe pallets that can't be mind gamed around, forcing the killer to break them to even proceed around the map in some cases. I also didn't see any mention of Perks that killers have that are OP?

    As for what game I am playing, the one everyone else is. I play both, and yes I prefer killer, because I get bored with survivor to be honest. Because it is easy. If you spend the same time learning and practicing both, one takes far less time to get good at then the other. Namely survivors. I literally just played 5 games in a row as survivor, only one of those was a 4k for the killer, the rest where either no K or 1K, which according to the devs, shouldn't be the average per game. It should be 2K. And I'm saying this as the one on the survivor side in the case of these games.

    Also I am not in the wrong thread as I am talking about survivors and how to balance them. Most of the experiences that are being used against me are taking it from the point of view that survivor is a 1v1 game, but this game is a 1v4 game, and those 4, even without SWF, can work effectively to deny many killers, even good ones, from any meaningful or fun gameplay.

    When it comes down to it, I'm not asking nor ever will ask Survivors to be nerfed into the ground. I want balance. I want both sides to have fun, and for it not to be a stressful experience on either outside of it being a competitive game.

  • FeelsVeryBadManFeelsVeryBadMan Member Posts: 191

    Yamaoka Estate

    The Game

    Pale Rose

    Grim Pantry

    Mother's Dwelling

    those are all maps that Survivors don't like because the gameplay on them is boring or in the Killer's favour.

    Plethroa of safe pallets? Where, girl? I can't see them. All I see are pallets that are unsafe, semi-safe and a very few safe ones on most maps.

    I didn't list any Killer perks that are OP because no Survivor perks are OP, all of them have counters except MoM. The only perks I would consider bull-shit would be Bamboozle and NOED. Bamboozle is a band-aid perk for infinites, but it's abused on other windows and completely eliminates some loops. NOED is annoying, but has a counter, just like BT, so complaining about it is stupid.

    Survivor isn't easy, no matter how many times you're gonna say that, I'm never going to agree. Just because you looped a rank 10 killer doesn't mean Survivors are easy. Wake up.

    Yes, there are some issues but y'all Killer mains love to over-exaggerate to hide your lack of skill.

    I am done with this discussion because it's obvious you're still gonna be saying how Survivors are OP and easy, and I'm never gonna change you opinion, so I guess there's no point.

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    @Vetrathene it doesn't take that long to destroy pallets.... you can destroy it and just keep chasing the survivor... they leave sprint marks when they run... you are FASTER than survivors, you can catch up pretty quickly... NOED is an annoying killer perk... I usually NEVER get games where the killer either 1ks or no Ks, its either a 2-4k.... survivors are not OP. Like, literally, they are not...

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    Tombstone, ira heads, 5 blinks, ebony mori, infinite tier 3, the choice of making a survivor unable to play the game, by camping and tunneling them. NOED, although counterable, rewarding a killer for failing to protect the gens, which is their main objective. Hitboxes

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 117

    Destroying a pallet dosen't take long. Being looped around it 2-3 times then breaking it takes quite a long time.

    And every map listed there is very survivor sided. Yamaoka estate is massive, meaning if your not nurse or Billy, its really hard to put on any map pressure. THe pale rose isn't as bad as it was, but the driftwood upper/under sections are a godsend to survivors, and its even worse on grim pantry with those and the pantry itself. Mother's dwelling is also survivor sided as its a huge map with a building that has too few entrances for the killer. And the game again is FULL of safe pallets that can't be mind gamed around.

    I agree NOED is a problem, but at least it does have counterplay, but I feel the same way about DS, I think it rewards a survivor for getting caught and hooked, even if it has counter play.

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    git gud, dude

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    Scratched mirror is only a real threat on lery's and the game at best, I wouldn't call it OP like the tombstones (more situational). Vanity mirror is where it's at if you want to play it at any time and get kills.

    (although did get 2k with scratched mirror on that massive 2 sided autohaven map - azarov's- but that was eons ago, they were mostly messing with me because I was so slow and new to killer in general hence using it on that map RIP, and a laurie DC'd at the gate while waiting to teabag me, I still laugh because she got that sweet insta karma.)

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    Good example why Survivor is not always easy:

    One game vs Myers, someone fed him a lot of Evil, he was able to down me instantly, because I got sandbagged (by accident). Myers did not really leave the Hook, then someone rescued me, got downed again, hooked again. The same guy waited a little bit and then he rescued me again, while Myers was coming back to the Hook. Well, I got downed and hooked and died. I did nothing this game, because I got sandbagged and farmed.

    The guy who farmed me DCed after I got downed again, maybe realizing that he does not get his WGLF-Stacks.

    Was this game easy for me? Not at all (I mean, it was not enjoyable at all... It was not hard to die tbh...). Was it easy for the remaining two Survivors, when one guy basically destroyed the team? Nope.

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    Put Ruin and NOED on any killer with best add-ons and I say the playing field is about even.

    The only challenge in the game as killer is against a 4 stack SWF. Against 4 random survivors a good killer should have no problem getting at least a 3k outside of bad luck.

  • MezzaMindMezzaMind Member Posts: 37

    WAIT, I can understand not liking some of those things but are you seriously still crying about DS when it has been completely nerfed? It only can be used if the killer is a tunneler, so it's only an annoying perk if you are an annoying killer, so maybe stop tunneling? 💁‍♀️

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    If you encounter a lot of survivors bringing in instant heals then they likely play the game A LOT. I hoard my few like the Gollum with the ring from LOTR. As a matter of fact in the year and a half since I started playing DBD I've only brought in an insta-heal once and that was to get the achievement for bringing a rare item without white warding it. BT is a non-issue if you stop going for the person getting unhooked and instead going for the rescuer. DS has been nerfed, so again it is very fair and only punishes tunneling. MOM I heard is getting nerfed. L T walls only work if you know how to loop them, and most people, aside from your 2-5k hr players (and maybe not even then) do not know how to properly loop (myself included). There are unsafe pallets as well as safe pallets. They can't all be unsafe. There are also massive dead zones on each map.

    The devs have also reworked all of the maps, to close down windows that made infinite loops, remove pallets, spawn them further apart, put more doors in Lerys and open up the roofs in Haddonfield so windows aren't OP. Nopallet Woods is a great killer map because the dead zones are disgustingly huge. The walls are spread far apart, and the gens spawn next to one pallet tops.

    So my question is, do you want to chase survivors in an open field until you bloodlust them to death? That sounds like more your speed, OP.

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    I can't even begin to tell you you how many times I go to chase someone else, lose them or decide I need to put pressure on generators, happen to find the person I put on the hook ages ago, pick them up, and they STILL have DS. It lasts way too long.

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 117

    I wouldn't mind BT if the freaking auto aim of the game usually causes me to smack the survivor being pulled off the hook when I am aiming for the one doing the saving. I really wish they would get rid of the auto aim because it has screwed me over way more times then it has ever helped me.

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