Change DS, BT, and MoM so they can't be used without an actual strategy

WaffleFalafelWaffleFalafel Member Posts: 275

Imagine this: DS has been created in order to stop tunneling. However, some idiot survivors, who don't like having nice things apparently, find out that performing extremely poor saves can be rewarded if the person who was last on the hook saves someone else. If a survivor gets unhooked and you just downed the savior and decide to let the rescued survivor go, then that person was not tunneled. The person who last got off the hook would be the only person who could be tunneled unless its a double save. So, because you didn't want to tunnel the person who got an unsafe hook save, you pick up the savior and DS kicks in. Why? Its not tunneling, its abusing the perk. There is no reason why bad plays should be rewarded like this.

DS, MoM, and BT all reward bad plays whether it be intentionally or not. Decisive Strike can have it's stun abused by people who mindlessly perform Altruism. Mettle of Man punishes killers for just playing the game the way they're supposed too and doesn't even have much of a downside because of the no heal meta. Dead Hard isn't really a problem, but all of these problem perks can have their problems exasperated by this perk due to the prerequisite for all of them being injured or get you injured. Borrowed Time is actually the least of these offenders because it has an actual purpose to stop camping or at least endgame camping, yet gets used by people who still like to mindlessly perform Altruism.

DS could be simply fixed with being consumed upon unhooking another survivor, getting rid of your get out of jail free card. MoM needs different prerequisites. Borrowed Time needs to be reverted to its old timer of 25 seconds, but with the ability to heal by yourselfso it can only be used to counter campers and not save anybody in the game without strategy. Making it Deep Wounds has been a terrible decision because it does not serve the same purpose as Borrowed Time. Dead Hard...would be fine after this. There's just so many second chances that shouldn't be the way they are that can be stacked with Dead Hard that make it ridiculous.

Just please, get rid of these perks that require no strategy or skill to use.


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