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Comparation Between Dead Hard & MoM

zaozaoxxzaozaoxx Member Posts: 105

DH: 1. occasionally got a chance away from killer's hit.

2. Killer will take a precaution the second time chasing you(some cautious killers even the first chasing).

3.When you estimated that you can't pull the pallet safely, it give you a short distance away from the killer.

It's a chance come out of a gambling, full of excitement and occasion.

MoM: Just take on it then you got an extra chance for sure with a game without tunnelling and camping(LMAO, the only counter is that toxic playstyle)

I call it shit, anybody disagree?


  • zaozaoxxzaozaoxx Member Posts: 105

    The Devs used to creat a second chance perk discreetly, and stingy.

    But now, they just rudely give another chance though a perk

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 143

    Now equip them both with adrenaline.

  • CallMeSpideyCallMeSpidey Member Posts: 429

    Adrenaline, Dead Hard, Mettle of Man and Borrowed Time.


  • IcemanIceman Member Posts: 945
    edited May 15

    I suggest making MoM similar to OoO. However, the killer is only able to see your aura within a certain meter. This will deactivate once MoM has been used.

    I think this will make the perk high risk and High reward.

    Basically how it is now but reversed.

  • VliegerVlieger Member Posts: 189

    ^ This.

    Why bother comparing them when you can use them both. Survivor 2nd...3rd....4th chance? When does it end?

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