Broken matchmaking?

HappyBlubHappyBlub Member Posts: 2

I feel like the matchmaking is rather broken, both for killers and survivors. I always thought that ever since the implementation of the new pip system a few months ago, both sides have it incredibly difficult to rank up and you're being punished for playing games too well (escaping quickly or killing all survivors quickly). I feel as if the system is incredibly counter-productive.

I especially noticed as much when I watched this video which I feel sums up the issues with the new pip system:

In short, it was a long game with many chases, unhooks and so on, got 3 kills and it wasn't even a pip. Same can be applied to the survivor side.

I suggest the devs should either rework the current pip system (someone once made the suggestion to bring the first pip closer to the safety pip, for example, as a temporary band aid), or bring back the old system.

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