Survivors deserve more

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Dead By Daylight is a game that I love very much, but it does not make the slightest sense in several aspects ... Have you stopped to think that everything involves Killer? Where has it been that we have to depend on the Killer to survive? If we jump windows we take hits because the Killer is lag and has a super stolen hitbox, if we use the pallets that serve just to defend us, we get hits again because the Killer is lag and have broken hitbox and goes beyond that, we depend on using until the dead hard because it is not activated at the same time because the Killer has the slow internet ... Where does that make sense? We are dependent on the Killer to survive, this is totally wrong, does not have the slightest logic, they that will kill us, because we depend on them for everything? The game is very broken, survivors deserved to be dependent, pallets should be knocked over faster, it would help a lot on the connection issue and jump window as well. The game has to be balanced for both sides, but that's not what's happening. I am hopeful that DbD will still become a fairer game.


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    The developer update talked about hit boxes and how they are working on it. Dedicated Servers are coming up as well so no more shitty internet plays from the killer. They haven't forgotten about survivors don't worry.

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