New Legion Rework Feedback and Ideas

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so il start this off with i have 1000+ hours in the game and i have played my fair share of both sides, i will try my best to keep this feedback unbiased.

So for starters i must say i enjoy the new Legion. The new Legion actually requires skilled gameplay and sort of planning as opposed to just seeing someone and stabbing them over and over until they fall down.

Now the new legion feels like there is a reward for switching between targets more often.

But i personally feel there are some things that did not need to happen to the legion, i feel from where the Legion stands there was no point in slowing his vault speed. Tier 3 Myers should not be able to vault faster then a teenager (lore standpoint haha) but in all honesty, the Legion's frenzy is nice, you feel like a fast killer and it really suits some peoples play style, but as soon as a vault point comes up you are slowed right down and it just feels unnatural, i dont think >>new<< Legion is gonna be an issue with fast vault like old Legion was.

Secondly, i do not believe having the legion lose his entire bar upon missed attack is fair. Now i understand that its also not fair to have a Legion slash at the air a bunch of times until he catches up to you. I personally think that the Legion should lose a chunk of his bar every time he misses an attack instead of just losing it all if he misses.

Lastly, i think the legion should be faster in his feral frenzy again (that being said if they made him faster in frenzy, i think the Legion should lose his frenzy upon missed attack like normal.) The reason id like to see the Legion be faster in frenzy is because unless the survivor doesnt know you can see him and then just does not run away from you, the way to counter the Legions entire ability is to just run the other way (aslong as you are about 15 meters away from the Legion when he deep wounds someone) I get it may seem bad complaining about how to counter the Legion, but i think most of the other killers require a smarter play then 'run in the other direction and you are fine'

Either way that is my feedback on the new Legion, i have spent a few days playing him, it took time to get used to him but the change was good because now Legion isnt a killer that just anyone can pick up and start stabbing away haha. But after my time playing the Legion these are the issues i think he suffers most from.

I hope someone can agree with me and if someone does not agree feel free to leave an actual response down below, please if you're just going to be rude do not bother.

thanks again

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i also think you should be able to see people mending with nurses calling, that way if you go to chase someone and you turn around and see the person you just applied deep wound to mending, you can punish them for doing so in a non safe spot, i guess that would go for every killer aslong as a survivor runs borrow time but yeah thats just an idea, i dont feel legion goes well with as many perks as other killers do.

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