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With EGC now seemingly a permanent addition to the game, I sadly have to let go of a strategy that served me well for months that was both fun and suspenseful. It was a strategy that would allow me to jab at the killer once before leaving. Let me explain.

This Strategy only works when these three Variables are present

•Every survivor except you has died

•The Killer has found the hatch

•There's seemingly no change of escape

I'm not a horribly good survivor. I'm a gen jocky for the most part, and I am absolutely awful at running the killer around, but my teammates are usually the opposite. Anyway, all my teammates are dead and the only way to escape is the hatch, but the killer found it first. My first game using this strategy was against a trapper, and he was standing directly over the hatch and Naturally, it was completely surrounded in traps. I spent about ten minutes trying to figure out how to escape without getting caught, then, I figured it out. Now I don't remember the name of this perk, but basically it's the perk that allows you to see the killers aura for five seconds after finishing a generator. The plan was this. Make the trapper think I was going to fix the last two generators instead of finding the hatch, and while he's away from the hatch, I run towards it and escape. I memorized where the hatch was and I went for the generator furthest from the killer. I finished it fairly quickly and, using the perk that let's me see the killers aura, ran in the opposite direction of the killer. I made it to the hatch and jumped in just as the Trapper was passing me to check the other generators. It was the most suspenseful and fun game I have ever had in Dead by Daylight. Needless to say, I used this strategy over and over again. It got to a point where I loved doing it so much, I hoped and prayed for everyone to die so I could use it again, but now because of EGC, I really can't use it anymore. I'm sharing this strategy now because it's virtually useless. It was fun while it lasted...


  • sliptteesslipttees Member Posts: 361

    Solo survivor? Yes! DC bro!

  • darktrixdarktrix Member Posts: 798

    If the killer just camped the hatch I would 99 the remaining three gens, then pop them one after the other, strategically, then stealth away. He was then forced to watch three places now instead of just one, usually I could just slip into the hatch as he checked the gates. That strategy is dead now too.

    Now in that situation if I don't find the hatch in 20 seconds and I'm not near a gate...I just find some nice calm place to go die.

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    Things like this is why we have egc. This is a huge time waster for both sides and while you are really in love with this very protracted end game strategy most people just want to get on to the next game. You could have finished the game faster by going directly to the trapper and having him hit you. He goes into recovery from attacking and loses collision. You jump in the hatch with nothing he could do.

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