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Fed up with being ignored. Legion isn’t fun anymore....

DarkWo1f997DarkWo1f997 Member Posts: 1,532
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EDIT AND TL:DR since the ignoring of the post and misinterpreting is at an all time high, allow me to clarify: I don’t care about the changes to deep wounds. I care about HIS VAULT SPEEDS IN FERAL FRENZY. I love dead by daylight and BHVR, please understand that I agree that his deep wounds needed to be sacked, he is more balanced now, but he’s just not fun when he moves this slow.

SECOND EDIT: since my post is being downvoted so the devs can’t see it by people who don’t care about legion or anyone who plays him, I'm going to make this simple for you people,

  • his frenzy can’t be used until fully charged? Fine.
  • A miss depletes the meter completely? Fine.
  • Feral Frenzy running speed is slower? Fine.
  • Deepwounds sucks now? Fine.
  • Can’t use frenzy to damage deep wounds timer? Fine.
  • Can’t moon walk anymore? Great!

Literally the only thing I will not stand for is the slower vault speeds. That’s the only problem I have, people. I’m not asking for a legion revert! Just wanna vault faster, that’s it!

Before this goes any further I want to emphasize that I’m not trying to belittle or demean any members of the community or BHVR, this is pure frustration from months of feeling ignored, bad choices being made, and over zealous feedback ruining the game.

My performance with legion has stayed the exact same, and I’ve adapted well to the nerf, still getting 4k’s at high ranks, but he just doesn’t feel fun to play anymore. He feels so sluggish and gross. Which is ironic considering he was supposed to feel faster than before. He just isn’t fun.

His deep wounds was made 100% obsolete and you devs know it, that’s not what bothers me though. It’s his awfully slow feral frenzy vault speeds. If deep wounds can’t be repeatedly used to down a survivor anymore, why was his stun time increased, and why especially was his parkour slowed down? What’s next you gunna give him a wheelchair?

Did you guys even play test this yourselves? Because if you did, there’s no way you felt comfortable with how clunky he is to control now. It’s like trying to do parkour underwater. I’m not going to make you admit it, but when you butcher the fun of a certain killer without making fair compromises, and then charge $10 for a cosmetic that no one will buy because he’s dreadful to play, I guess I just wonder what you guys were thinking with this.

I’m not mad, just disappointed. Deep wounds will never go back to the way it was, it’s now used to prolong the healing stage, fine. That’s okay, but destroying the very thing that made him so special? His movement?

Anyone that’s played legion at least once knows deep down that the sense of speed was awesome.

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