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Board games.

MushwinMushwin Member Posts: 1,232
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Coming from another topic, though it just regarded DBD as a board game, it made me wonder what board games (if you play them) do you play? did you have a favourite child hood board game?

So with Mr Mushwin we play scrabble (though he wins at it) a game called outburst, trivial persuit and sometimes pictionary (which i win at hehe)

When i was a kid i loved he old operation, atmosphere, mouse trap and the game jumanji...though mouse trap half the time it never worked lol...oh and a game called mastermind


  • frozen_in_shadowfrozen_in_shadow Member Posts: 26

    I enjoy Sequence, Battleship and, when I am feeling like I need a long, drawn out game, Monopoly. I also play Magic the Gathering though that is more of a card game.

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