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Mettle of man changes= i become definitely a killer main

xChrisxxChrisx Member Posts: 917

First of all, i play both side (rank1 every season).

When ds got changed i was thinking to dont play anymore survivor, especially alone, was a nightmare. And now mettle is gonna be nerfed too? Im keep playing survivor just because this perk was released.

Why this game is killer side? Im tired of crying killer main always complaining for something when they lose, just eccept you lose and stfu ffs.

Ds destroyed

Endgame now killer side

Mettle nerf coming.

Really. Stop.

Why i never see nerfs for killer? Why the nurse is still there?

Why hillbilly instasaw is still a thing?

Huntress oneshot

Mori for unskilled players etc.

Im tired of this injustice.

Can i have a response? @Peanits @not_Queen



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