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New Legion Cosmetics for Survivors

FangerBoyFangerBoy Member Posts: 22

I was wondering if there is a chance that we could get the legion masks as cosmetics for the survivors. I know that meg already has a runner mask from Death garden, but I would really love to be able to run around surviving with any survivor of my choosing with a legion mask equipped as a cosmetic to my character. Please look into this.


  • TheGameZpro3TheGameZpro3 Member Posts: 699

    Sorry, but this doesn't belong in Fan Creations. You actually have to make something. This belongs in Wishlist I think.

    Also, plz no, that could make Legion OP. No one knows who tf he is.

  • FangerBoyFangerBoy Member Posts: 22

    No it wouldnt you would only be able to wear the mask. You'd still see the characters hair and everything else.

  • FangerBoyFangerBoy Member Posts: 22

    Also I was sent to put it in fan creation from an email from a support person

  • TheGameZpro3TheGameZpro3 Member Posts: 699

    First Post: True, and fair. But why The Legion? I feel like if this ever happened, the survivors first would wear the Trapper Mask.

    Second Post: Well, I feel like he's wrong. You are asking for something, so it's in a wish list. You aren't making any thing but a wish, which is for all the survivors to have a Legion Mask. By any chance, can you say who the support person is?

  • FangerBoyFangerBoy Member Posts: 22

    I've played DBD for almost 2 years and I so dearly love the Legion. I love how they have created him and just simply would like to be able to feel like I'm still playing legion when I play survivor. And the link just sent me to the fan creation. Not sure if it was on purpose

  • FangerBoyFangerBoy Member Posts: 22
    edited May 2019

    Also I think it would be really freaking cool. Aslo why I say legion is because the Legion is more survivor built than trapper. Not to say that a trapper mask wouldnt be cool too. Just see the legion as a more fit look for a survivor

  • TheGameZpro3TheGameZpro3 Member Posts: 699


  • MojoTheFabulousMojoTheFabulous Member Posts: 1,679

    More masks in general would be fantastic. I love the Runner mask for Meg and refuse to use any other head option.

  • FangerBoyFangerBoy Member Posts: 22

    Exactly why I think Legion masks would be awesome for survivors. I'd love to be able to equip a legion mask on my Feng or Dwight or David and be able to run around.

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