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Is this all that there is going to be for Legion?

KhorzadKhorzad Member Posts: 102

Greetings, new in the forum, been lurking for a while, content with reading posts, but I finally have gone out of hiding with the Mid Chapter Patch, the Legion changes and the recent QA. And well, to make a long story short...I don’t like the changes, but I don’t want to sound like I think they are dead, nerfed to the ground or that I want to revert the changes. Far from it, in fact, Old Legion needed a fix, and I understand why they change it. I just feel that they don’t really bring anything new for the characters and that is my big issue here, that for a rework, is just restring the Legion. So, these are my, I hope, constructive criticism of some of Legion changes and some doubts as well:

1ºThe Terror Radius, this is one of the doubts, because I have read a lot of people that this is a buff for Legion as it allows them to find more people with the Killer Instinct, but wasn't the 32 meters TR already a thing for Old Legion? Because, perhaps, I am just crazy or confused, but I swear that I remember some patch notes or something or someone saying that the TR of Legion went up to 32 meters when in KI, and then back to 24.

The Frenzy speed Nerf: I am not going to argue about the vault speed, because you guys said that you are going to change the animation and although I still don’t see a point for lowing the vault speed with all of the restrictions of the power, ok, at least is something.

But the speed, I don’t understand the reason of the nerf, and for me, it only takes away the feeling of speed that made the Legion fun. Why would be so crazy for New Legion to have their old speed back? Yes, the Frenzy last longer, but we have killers that move as fast or faster than the Legion like Wraith or Spirit and they aren’t breaking the game, so I think that New Legion wouldn't go back to their old ways because they can move a bit faster.

And a defense that I have heard is that is a small nerf, so it really isn’t that bad, but that just makes me ask: If is such an “inconsequential” change, why change it at all?

Depleting the power gauge after attack: Another doubt, because I remember in the PTB that you said that this was just a bug, and that the intended effect was merely forcing you to cancel...so I guess it is now a feature?

The restriction on play-styles: I have read posts about New Legion being more fun than Old, and ok,your opinion, but I would argue that, if they are fun at all, is not because anything new, but because they force you to play the more fun play-style of the Old Legion: Because there were two main playstyles to down someone with Legion:

-Using your frenzy to do 28 stabs wounds to someone and eventually down them.

-Or finishing the survivor with an old M1 hit.

The only thing that the rework did, is, without a specific add-on, force you to play the second way. That is more fun that the first, in my opinion, because that was the way that I played with Old Legion and this is the reason why I don’t care about Deep Wound doing nothing, but I don’t find it fun with New Legion because all of the nerfs and restrictions that it has to play that way, with the only “new” thing, being the basic speed.

Losing 50% of the gauge and not being able to use the power until full charged: Perhaps I am a bad Legion Player, but in the PTB and in live, there were situations in which I didn’t want to use M1 to wound a survivor in a chase because my gauge was still filling and using it would mean waiting for longer to use its base power. So even if I was sniffing their back, I had to wait or be punished for attacking at all by having to wait for even longer to use my power...which mainly allows me to move faster and wound people.

I understand why the restriction was there in the Old Legion, it recovered too fast and it was a way to force the players to use their powers. But why it still exist with New Legion? It is a M1 Killer now, with a much less powerful Frenzy, that takes longer to use it so is just feel like an annoying leftover more than something organic to their gameplay. Really, this is what I most dislike about New Legion, because I feel very punished if I [BAD WORD] up with the use of the powers even a little, like if I decide to use the power to cover distance and I found survivors just after frenzy ends, I just feel restricted for no reason watching the survivors run away while,again, I have to wait for my power to charge. And if now I can only use my power to wound survivors, ok, but that feels kind of boring.

The longer stun: Is a very annoying thing, specially because now is part of the forced playstyle, but I understand why they did it. They buffed to 115% speed, so it couldn’t have their old stun without being a bit broken.

High risk, too little reward : In the video where the devs talked about the Legion changes, I remember a question in which someone asked if there were going to implement something to incentive Legion to chase and hurt multiple survivors, and they responded saying that wounding survivors should be enough, but I am going to argue that it isn’t. Because choosing to target a different survivor that the one that you are chasing carries too many risks for the normal incentives to be enough: Lets say that you inflict Deep Wounds in a survivor that is separated from the rest, and you see, with KI, that there is another survivor a bit far away...why would you risk miscalculating the duration of frenzy and failing to hit that new survivor, forcing you to start a chase against a healthy survivor, when you can just try to down the wounded survivor that is right there?

Legion needs more rewards, more incentive to risk doing plays like that if the nerfs are going to stay.

To finally end things, going back to the title of this thread, I could accept all of this, I could understand the changes if this was just the beginning, if all of this nerfs were just breaking the foundations to later, build something different and fun for the Legion. Because regardless of your opinion on the changes, I think that we can agree that Legion has way more potential than this, that they could be way more fun than they are and were, and I would hate that they end in this very basic and “ok” state.

I hope that you keep improving Legion, and not leave as it is, and think that those that complain are merely “haters or people that couldn’t or wouldn't adapt”. because there had been many good posts with people giving good suggestions about Legion, like smalls buffs that wouldn’t break the character, or new things like making you go faster as you hit more and more survivors in Feral Frenzy, which would make me love the character again if it was implemented, even if nothing else was changed. I just want something new, something different for the Legion.

Sorry for the long rant and thank you. Besides the Legion, I liked a lot of the changes that you have done to the game, so I still on your side and I can’t wait to see every new things that you will bring to the game.


  • StarMoralStarMoral Member Posts: 819

    Short answer for a long thread:

    Probably not. They're likely collecting data and feedback on what works and what doesn't.

    So those "OMG LEGION IS DEAD" threads are no help.

  • ExerlinExerlin Member Posts: 1,000

    I really like your post. My biggest issue is that they removed a very interesting part of the killer's power just for it to become an add-on. If it's so broken, why is it still available in the game? Legion would be much more interesting to play if they added the ability to reduce the deep wound timer with frenzy hits back into the game, and maybe allow the killer to see the survivor's deep wound bar while chasing them.

  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 3,486

    Answer to title ----> I hope so

  • tt_ivi_99tt_ivi_99 Member Posts: 1,309

    1: It is true, he had a built in M&A and they took It away. They also nerfed his Killer Instinct because It doesnt workt based on his TR, It now works on distance so perks like Distressing or even the Iredescent Pin are worthless if you want to use them as a tracking tool.

    2: His current FF speed is laughable, if you happen to find someone medium - far away distance with Killer Instinct and that person starts running you'll never catch them. Completely unnecessary nerf considering he cant down anyone with his power.

    3: I dont really have a problem with this but I do think it wasnt necesary because as I said, his power is not lethal anymore.

    4: The removal of the Legion being able to down people with his power was necessary and Im honestly really happy with It.

    5: I think this was made so that Legion cant just hard counter things like flashlight/pallet saves thanks to his Killer Instinct. I never had a problem with It tbh.

    6: Devs gave him back his collision once you get stunned so I think this is a needed change, otherwise it would be too powerful.

    7: You are completely right, he gets too much punishment if he tries to go after different people. I think that buffing his ms to what It used to be should be enough give him a good reason to go after multiple people.

    Welcome to the forums :)

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