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Difficulty Modifier for Matches

darktrixdarktrix Member Posts: 1,790

Matches are rarely even, either one side or the other has brought strong or even OP add-ons that can make matches very one sided. Yet, each match is rated based on just basic actions that do not take this into account.

What if taking strong items/add-ons gave a bonus modifier for each side and the difference given to the side that is disadvantaged. For example, if survivors brought keys or insta heals, each one would add to this multiplier, likewise if a killer brought ebony mori or some insta down add-on like iridescent hatchets, that would add to another multiplier. Then take the difference of the multipliers and add it to the side who has the disadvantage - giving them more blood points and points toward emblems. Because if they do well against such odds, they should have a greater reward rather than just treating each match the exact same no matter what crazy add-ons are brought in. It might even encourage people to stick out lopsided matches more.

It could even be extended toward other factors - like which killer it is or swf. But I think add-ons/items would be a good start.



  • invira_zeroinvira_zero Member Posts: 230

    imho, thats a good idea.

    cause itll make playing against op items/addons more fun and enjoyable.

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