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CHANGE NERF FOR SOLE SURVIVOR / Barbecue and Chili nerf

So, seeing the nerf coming to Sole Survivor confused me a bit, because Object of Obsession and that perk are kind of meant to go hand in order to view the Killer with Object of Obsession you have to outside of their terror radius, so the fact that the killer has to be close to not be able to see you with the upcoming nerf just seems... counter productive. It was even brought up that the way the perk counts someone dead is a little weird as well, so I really don't think the perk has any problems, other than being able to be immune to the Killers aura reading, so in certain situations you can know where the killer is at all times when using Object of Obsession and all your teammates are dead, so I do agree that part needs fixing. HOWEVER, the planned nerf just doesn't seem to cut it for me. The only perk that was brought up, that Sole Survivor would be able to counter was Nurses calling when it was mainly able to counter BBQ and Chili.

Which brings me to the next topic; with the new buffs coming to Dark Sense and Bitter Murmur, I genuinely believe that Barbecue and Chili does not need to reveal Survivor Auras anymore, due to the fact that there are two Killers that can close in on a survivors location faster than most of the other Killers. The Nurse and Hillbilly do not need to be using this perk. Just make it a point perk. Survivor Point perks barely have any additions that are helpful other than just getting points. Balance it out. Stealth is not valued in the game as much as it should be, and these new perks buffs/de-buffs are an attempt at changing that but I think BBQ and Chili is a perk that needs a good looking at before anything else.

Once again these are my own thoughts, I do love this game and I want to see it get better.


  • Dabrownman1812Dabrownman1812 Member Posts: 1,857
    It's all up to the killer's build. Also, it starts at 20 then goes up to 40 then 60 meters. Bbq n chilli would always show survivor if they are within range since the last survivor is considered alive until they are stabbed and brought to the sky. The new update is actually going to make it so they can't bbq and chilli you. The range thing if you do the stats is a buff in many ways.
  • Dabrownman1812Dabrownman1812 Member Posts: 1,857
    Also the new patch makes hooks and gens the same color auras as survivors so bbq got nerfed by that since gens can block their auras.
  • AssstheticAsssthetic Member Posts: 203

    I agree that the "buff" towards sole survivor is more like a nerf. If they would change the meters of sole survivor to be 32 meters, 48 meters, and 64 meters, then it would be a lot better as it would be able to combat part of BBQ and chili and nurses calling, but it would work alongside object of obsession.

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