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More Broken Perks

MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

No, I am not asking for over-powered perks.

I am asking for more Survivor perks which auto-inflict the Broken Status.

No Mither, you see, is a pretty bad perk because it's just plain bad to take. Like shooting yourself in the foot. A big part of that is because you tip off the killer immediately at the start of the match that you're just a one-shot wonder and easy prey, and that after he knocks you down he should pick you up immediately and never leave you lying around because you can pick yourself back up.

That's because there are no other perks in the game which start you off Broken. But if we had say 4 perks that give the Broken Status to a survivor, then killers wouldn't know if you had No Mither or one of the other three perks. At least it lends an element of anonymity to these perks and keeps killers guessing.

And that's a good thing.

So please, in Chapter 12, and the next few chapters, please give us a few perks that give the Broken Status. It'll be good for the game, I promise.

You can even re-work Left Behind to do something like that as well. I mean, it's a piece of crap perk right now that nobody uses, anyway. Maybe Left Behind is something like:

  • You start the trial Broken. If you are the last survivor in the Trial, you can open the hatch. You get a 50%/60%/75% speed bonus to opening exit gates.
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