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Head on perk

RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 183

It's just completely broken. It never seems to work when it should, when the killer is right in front of the locker, nothing happens but if the killer is already out of the vicinity, they still somehow get stunned.

But I have this video clip where a killer is just standing right in front of it and not even moving around so what's the deal?



  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 1,309

    Looking at your clip I see two things happening. You came out of the locker screaming and gained the exposed condition. That means the Huntress was using Iron Maiden. I wound the footage back and checked again noticing that you weren't exhausted.

    You've stumbled into a counter scenario for Head-On. Both of these perks are locker exit dependent and both cause you to have a different animation than normal. It seems that even if Head-On is ready to use if someone has Iron Maiden your perk gets trumped. The moment you exited the locker Iron Maiden needed you to stop and scream. Head-On needs you to do the special charging rush animation out of the locker. The game can't allow you to do both it seems as Iron Maiden needs to produce your location directly in front of the locker!

    That is actually amazing! Never would have though Iron Maiden would be a hard counter to Head-On of all things. Then again if you think about it, sorta makes sense. Iron Maiden punishes those who hide in lockers.

    Again, amazing find!

  • RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 183

    Oh well that makes more sense now, as she was only standing there and not moving. However I'll still argue that in most scenarios the head on perk doesn't work when it should and works when it shouldn't.

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 1,841

    That just sounds like a major bug that needs fixing tbh; it could easily be made that you come out screaming while doing the head-on animation - and it even makes sense. As if head-on needs a counter, after all...

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 1,841

    @Rullisi it most certainly does not work in most scenarios, even with excellent ping, I find! so situational that it's trash.

  • RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 183

    Such a shame because it seems like such a fun perk to use when it actually does work, you can almost hear the killer sigh, but hopefully they fix it soon. It seems to be so broken on both survivors and killers side most of the time.

  • badkarmabadkarma Member Posts: 4
    edited May 2019

    In the case of your example, I'm reasonably sure that you didn't give it enough time to activate.

    This Head-on/Iron Maiden issue isn't true at all unless this is a new 2.7.1 patch issue. I've been Head-on'd when I used Maiden. The one thing that's not clear is whether it was lit up by the time you hit the inputs to escape. The other factor that seems likely is that even with a lag of 0.1 second (100 ping) - the lag separating registration and action was the nail in your coffin.

    Head On doesn't rely on the animation hitting- hitboxes are different entities from animations.

    The one thing that's a fact is that you're at a large disadvantage with HeadOn if a killer is spamming spacebar to get you out of the locker because you have to contend with where the server says they are, and when it's received your input to dash. If the killer locker-searches OR attack grabs on your way out (before the server registers you as 'on your way out') you will fail. The only way it tends to work is if the killer is overconfident and lets you complete at least a partial locker exit (allowing the ping delay to complete your action) before grabbing you.

    That's why you'll be able to Head-On killers that are WAY out of range if they've passed within range of the locker by just under a half-second. You're essentially hitting the Killer's ghost which is driven by ping + the killer hitbox is larger on the sides and rear of the killer. Try it next time you Head-On from the shack locker closest to the door and the killer runs through towards the god pallet. You can hit them when they're visually near the middle of the shack if their shoulder grazed the locker - but are seemingly unable to hit ones that are visually right in your face when they ran straight at the locker.

  • SchwiftySchwifty Member Posts: 70

    Head On doesn't work, that's why you don't see anyone complaining about it because on paper it should be lighting up the forums with frustrated Killers.

    But it isn't because Head On doesn't work.

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