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Community | Third Anniversary Livestream Schedule

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Over the course of the last 3 years, we have been working hard on introducing new Killers, new Survivors, new maps and constantly trying to improve Dead by Daylight.  

The Dead by Daylight 3rd Anniversary Livestream will give players insights on what is coming for year 4 and how we are committed to bring our player new fantasies through chapters, rework existing gameplay content and solidify the game’s health for the long term. 

Our objective is to give you an overview of what’s coming for Year 4 and celebrate Dead by Daylight’s legacy. The 3rd Anniversary Livestream will be composed of 4 panels. For each panel, we will give you our vision and show you some in-game work in progress videos or image mock-ups of what’s coming. 

You can watch the 3rd anniversary livestream on the Dead by Daylight Twitch and YouTube channels May 31st, 3PM EST. The livestream’s schedule is the following: 

Year 4 Panel  

  • Introduce the Year 4 Roadmap its main pillars. 
  • 4 Chapters 
  • Live Design 
  • Game Health 
  • New goals for players 

Live Design Panel 

  • Present The Nightmare rework 
  • Discuss new map rework philosophy 

Community Panel 

  • Discuss the impact of the community on the game 
  • Overview of the last year best Dead by Daylight community moments 
  • Share the community activities for June 2019, the 3rd year Anniversary month. 

Chapter 12: Ghost face Panel 

  • Discuss our vision of the new Killer 
  • Share the Killer’s background story 
  • Introduce the Killer gameplay (power and perks) 


Mathieu Côté (Head of partnerships), Not_Queen (Lead Community Manager) 

Dead by Daylight dev team panelists

Stefan Beauchamp-Daniel (Producer), Jérôme Nguyen Van Long (Senior Product Manager), Dave Richard (Creative Director), Stefan Horvath (Game Designer), Mathieu Lamarche (Level Designer), Not_Queen (Lead Community Manager), Matthew (Lead Game Designer), Farah Daoud-Brixi (Narrative Designer) 


Cahlaflour (Content Creator), Vinc3ntvega (Content Creator) 


We believe that sharing our insights and process for the next year will show that Dead by Daylight is a game that is here to stay. We are excited to start this new year and hope you will be as excited as we are for what is to come. See you at the livestream! 



The Dead by Daylight Team 

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