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My thoughts on the game’s future.

WateryWatery Member Posts: 1,118

Dear DBD Devs and Community,

(Warning, Wall of text).

Before I begin, I’d like to say thank you. The devs at BHVR; thank you for constantly improving the game, and thank you to the CM’s for a clear depiction of the devs goals.

As for the community, I’d like to thank you all for the wonderful feedback you all can provide; the forums have definitely taught me much about the game itself, and the discord itself. Wishing you all prosperity for the anniversary, and so forth. 

Just letting you all know now, most of these have been talked of already— and these are all, purely my opinion. You have the right to not take seriously what I say, as, you know, just like you I’m just someone on the Internet.

Now, moving on from all the thank you’s, and such. I feel like there’s one thing that... ruins, this games experience. And that is, unfortunately, the lack of diversity in playstyles, and unique, fun perks.

Let me explain.

So, the one thing that saddens me the most is that there’s literally no variety anymore. There’s no, unique, viable perks— most of the time, it’s the same thing for some (not all)— especially when you get to higher ranks. With the three years that this game has been out, it almost feels nothing has changed. Rather, it just feels as if, it’s only an expansion pack to something that could be built upon greatly. 

The reason why I say this, is because more often than not, the Meta has stayed the same. There has been no changes to perks such as Deja Vu, Dark Sense, Monstrous Shrine... the list can go on. From MY personal experience, there’s nothing... interesting, in terms of perks. The only one’s that can be remotely viable, are the Meta perks. Otherwise, it’s personal preference up to that point. I just wish there was more unique perks in the basegame itself or even IN the game in general, or there was just more to it. That’s my tangent about perks.

Now, moving onto the next thing; the lack of rewards for other playstyles. Aggressive Play-styles not only feel more, exciting and entertaining, but stealth is so much harder to use as of late due to the countless killers that expose you (as in terms of being found) with the use of their power, or perks. I’ve WANTED stealth to be an engaging playstyle, more so than those “How did he not see me” moments, to “How can I avoid being chased in the first place?”. But even so, the other thing that I don’t like is the lack of diversity in terms of killers. I almost NEVER see a Plague, Piggy, or even a Legion anymore. Not to say that last one is a bad thing, but it’s just never... different anymore.

I feel like I encounter Spirit, Hillbilly, Nurse, and on occasion, a Wraith, more-so frequently than other killers who are deemed “not good”. But, here’s the thing; I want all killers to be viable, but I want survivors, to have a level of counterplay that makes the game engaging. While that is EXTREMELY difficult, and likely could take ages, it’s just... I wish that I could have some variety. 

But, let me say just one thing; if you discount me, on any point of this tangent, that’s perfectly okay. That’s why I’m posting it here, anyway. While I may play more survivor than killer, I just wish that both sides had more engaging playstyles— (such as, jump-scare killer’s should actually make it harder to detect— and not only be good on some maps).

I wish... there was, MORE. You know what I mean? I wish there was something more than just the grind for the characters to push for; I’d love to have more unique game modes, objectives... blah, blah blah. While I know it’s impossible to think WHAT these objectives could be, or even remotely fit the game, it’d be nice to have a more, spooky game. The horror feeling fades so quickly; and maybe against some killers it can feel scary, but most of the time, you’re just keeping a level head and not doing much else. I don’t plan to give up on the game anytime soon; I’ll continue to support it— and even IF I’m bad, it doesn’t matter. I just play the game, to play the game— yknow? 

Not only that, but hopefully, with the Anniversary Stream and other stuff, we can get more cool stuff.

Thank you for reading, those who’ve made it to the end, and thank you for your time.

TLDR:I would love to see more stuff like a crafting system or more survival-esque stuff, more rewards for different playstyles; more viable killers with reasonable counterplay.


  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,314

    We'll have to see what the Anniversary Stream brings to the table, I don't doubt it will be amazing. So i'm looking forward to it.

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