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Worst Killers to get Emblems Against

darktrixdarktrix Member Posts: 1,790

As a survivor I have found these killers consistently suck to get emblems against. They are almost always a waste of time in Red Ranks if emblems are your thing.

If anyone has their own list, tips, corrections, or opinions they are welcome.

Not counting any cheese de-pip tactics a killer could use like camping, corner cloaked Wraiths or no dreamworld Freddys. I will rate them in order according to my humble opinion.

#1 Hillbilly

a) Ends chases too fast with insta down, loopable but good Billys still down quick

b) Destroys Unbroken emblems without giving Evader back.

c) Chainsaw sprint applies great map pressure, more time spent trying to avoid Billy than working toward emblems


#2 Plague

a) Broken state means no healing, Benevolence takes a hit

b) Destroys Unbroken emblems without opportunities for Benevolence in return

c) Ranged Corrupt Purge can hit out of chases denying Evader


#3 Legion

a) The first free hit also gives your Evader a hit and puts Unbroken at risk

b) Often leaves you after inflicting deep wounds, no more Evader

c) Mending yourself does not give Benevolence and wastes time not working toward other emblems

Original Legion I would of rated #1, but the latest version is #3 to me


#4 Huntress

a) Ranged hits often out of chases, no Evader exchanged for Unbroken

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