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A Beginner's Guide To Perks #1: A Nurse's Calling

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This guide is constructed around my game experience (of 1000+ hours) and is my opinion only. It is not necessarily the correct and only way to play. Play however you like! The guides I publish will centre around perks or simple concepts to help newer players understand how to maximise the effectiveness of their perks.


‘A Nurse’s Calling’ is a teachable perk that is unique to The Nurse until Level 40. The perk icon is as follows, along with the perk’s Tier 3 effects:

‘A Nurse’s Calling’ is a fairly simple perk and does not take a lot of time to get to grips with.


In other words: while using this perk, survivors who are performing a heal action will have their auras revealed to you if they are within a 28 meter range. For example, here is the aura of a Nea healing a Dwight:

How to Obtain It:

Since the perk is unique to The Nurse, it is only possible to obtain it from The Nurse’s bloodweb until it is unlocked as a teachable perk. At level 40, the teachable variant of ‘A Nurse’s Calling’ will appear on The Nurse’s bloodweb. After purchasing it, the perk will be able to appear on any other killer’s bloodweb. If you are unsure if you have unlocked it:

1) Select ‘Play as Killer’

2) Select ‘The Nurse’

3) Open ‘Character Info’ (default F1)

4) Look under the heading ‘Perks, Teachables’

5) Hover over the icon to the top right of the perk and it will tell you whether you have unlocked it. E.g.

Conversely, ‘A Nurse’s Calling’ may be available on the Shrine of Secrets. Since it is an old perk, it will cost 2,000 iridescent shards. The Shrine of Secrets is a store to unlock teachable perks from which houses 4 new perks every week. It refreshes every Wednesday at 00:00:00 UTC. E.g.

How to Use It in a Match:

‘A Nurse’s Calling’ does not require any extra effort to use apart from simply having it equipped. It provides a helpful passive ability. It is very useful to find and interrupt healing survivors. This slows down the survivors and disrupts their progress in the game. Any time not spent repairing generators is time wasted for the survivor team.

Despite this, many apt survivors have knowledge of this perk and intentionally heal far enough away from the killer to avoid being detected by the perk. To combat this, you can play certain killers or combine ‘A Nurse’s Calling’ with other perks to maximise its efficacy (detailed below).


The perk works best on killers who have a reduced terror radius as survivors will be unaware that they are within the range of ‘A Nurse’s Calling’. Killers who have (or temporarily have) a reduced terror radius include:

-The Wraith (base 32m, although can cloak and have a 0m terror radius)

-The Shape (base 6m)

-The Hag (base 24m)

-The Huntress (base 20m)

-The Nightmare (base 24m)

-The Spirit (base 24m)

The perk is also very effective on killers who can traverse quickly because they can catch survivors off-guard with the perk. I.e when a killer quickly moves across the map, they may see a glimpse of the aura of the healing survivor. Killers who can traverse quickly include:

-The Wraith (moves at 5.0 m/s while cloaked)

-The Hillbilly (moves at 9.2m/s while using ‘Chainsaw’ power)

-The Nurse (moves at 13.33m/s while blinking using ‘Spencer’s Last Breath’ power)

-The Spirit (moves at 7.04m/s during ‘Phase Walk’ using ‘Yamaoka’s Haunting power)

-The Legion (moves at 5.0m/s while using ‘Feral Frenzy’ power)

Moreover, the perk can be combined with other perks to get the most out of it. These include:

-‘Monitor and Abuse’ to reduce the terror radius while not in a chase.

-‘Sloppy Butcher’ to increase the time it takes to heal so you have an increased window of opportunity to catch healing survivor’s auras.

-‘Coulrophobia’ to increase the time it takes to heal.

-‘Thanatophobia’ to increase the time it takes to heal.

-‘Bloodhound’ makes blood trails easier to see and makes tracking injured survivors easier.

-‘Stridor’ makes injured survivor’s breathing easier to hear which makes tracking injured survivors easier.

Note: All statistics are from the wiki or the game itself.

I just felt like making this for no particular reason. Hopefully it helps someone out there! I’ll likely continue to make these (provided they are actually useful) for both survivor and killer perks and gradually make guides for more complex perks. See you in the Fog!

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