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How the hell do you get merciless killer?

regnamregnam Member Posts: 35
edited May 2019 in General Discussions

I tried getting the adept nightmare achievement for fun and I got a 4k with 28k total bloodpoints and ended with ruthless killer, should that not be merciless killer? I feel like this is probably a result of the new ranking system.



    I think you have to hook everyone three times and MAYBE do the other stuff you get points for too, but I'm not for sure. Going +2 is pretty difficult as a killer once you get to around rank 12. Actually just going plus one can take quite a bit of effort in comparison to survivor. I'm a lot less skilled as a survivor and pull off double pips on games that I feel were pretty bad even for me sometimes at around the same rank.

  • Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 1,144

    Ah yes. The Adept Achivement. Did you get 2 Pips? (The things that rank you up Where that 12 is?) If you only got 1 Pip it won't count. If you got 2 Pips and sacrificed all survivors you get the Adept Nightmare Achievement. If you didn't then it might be a glitch and you may have to redo it.

    Which Sucks..

    Just don't make the survivors D.C. cause if they do you won't get the achievement either.

  • regnamregnam Member Posts: 35

    Damn. I got 1 pip and was halfway between to the second. But that's ridiculous that it takes that much to achieve "merciless killer".

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 7,020

    What Micheal_Myers (big fan) said.

    They seriously need to revert it

  • Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 1,144

    Awww Nice to meet a fan, more than 5 Months 4 Days away from My night. But usually people scream when I meet em' Kinda sad, but glad you are a fan of Mine =P

  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 1,183

    Yea, merciless is kinda broken right now...

    To get iridescent for gens you need to have 4 gens left or survivors have to do them slow, to get iridescent for hooking, you need 8 hook actions, all survivors needs to be hooked at least once and have 4k.

    To get malicious you need to hook survivor and hope they won't heal themselfes, which is stupid when they have self care because the game counts it as normal healing.

    To get chaser... well, you need to win many chases quickly... which is broken because you wont even get silver if you stomp the survivors too hard.

    The best way of getting the adept for killer rn is to find a team of potatoes and just play with them... maybe even farm with 2 last survivors.

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 2,234

    At your rank you need to do these things to get Merciless Killer:

    Get 10+ hooks

    You need to get around 20+ plus hits


    Have at least 4+ gens protected for at least the first 9mins of the game as that time is weighted heaviest in score.

    Lots of short chases with hits.

  • drunky26drunky26 Member Posts: 685

    I don't understand why they made killer adepts nearly impossible on some weak killers while survivors have it so easy, they just need to escape. They really need to revert it.

  • regnamregnam Member Posts: 35

    I just got the achievement, and I basically just had to down a bunch of survivors over and over and let the others get that back up, rinse and repeat. I finished with 3 kills and let the last guy get the hatch. The fact it took so much work for something that should be easier to get is unbelievable.

  • letuceletuce Member Posts: 89

    I went through this recently. You want to tunnel, this will help you get irridescent in one category. Hook 9 times total, hook everyone once, and have no survivors, try and delay the game as long as possible and find people.


    I came back to retract what I said before because I just got merciless with only 3 dead. I've had the game since the Myers DLC and I guess that goes to show how much I pay attention to rank. The first two gens popped quick too and the sound even overlapped because of how quick they got hopped on at the start. I don't really have many gripes with the game but ranking up should require somewhat equal effort on both survivor and killer if rank is ever going to mean anything.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227

    You need to get a big lead, then play fair with the survivors as long as you can. By playing fair I mean letting them make saves, chasing everyone equally, and sometimes even giving out some freebies by slugging or ignoring survivors that are easy pickings. At your rank you don't need to do this too much, but at red rank you basically need to play a perfect game to get Merciless.

    And if you are doing Freddy, you should be using Zblock and Class Photo. That will help you control the match enough that you can play a fair game.

  • ClocksoClockso Member Posts: 853

    don't do this in purple or red ranks cuz it will be unnecessarily hard, make sure you hook all survivors multiple times, you also need to kick generators and make sure they regress by a decent amount, don't stay near hooks, also if a survivor disconnects it's still not impossible to do, i was doing adept pig and then 2 people were left and i slugged someone to make sure the other one doesn't get the hatch but he disconnected, i got the person and got adept achievement even though someone disconnected, so it's not impossible but much harder

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 2,296

    You need 2 iridescent tokens, and 2 gold tokens minimum i believe, as well as all sacrifices.

  • SmokePotionSmokePotion Member Posts: 1,089

    By being merciless. You need 9 hooks total, or you wont get it. Plus killing everyone. (more or less. I have mercilessed on a 3k. And I still don't know how, but I know it can happen) So you kind of need to be a dick. Tunneling helps.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227
    edited May 2019

    This is only true for ranks up to 13. Ranks 12-5 you need 3 iri and 1 gold, and ranks 4-1 you need 4 iri.

    The only point where you definitely 100% need a 4k is red ranks. Every other rank you can get a 3k and still get Merciless.

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