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Pig should have her traps overhauled with more consistency in mind.

Currently as it stands, Pig has a primary power which is her ambush and a secondary power which is her RBT's which allow her to stall the game. With keeping other stalling killers in mind such as Freddy, Legion & Doctor they all have unlimited use of their powers while both Legion & Doctor can consistently waste the same amount of time everytime they use their power even if their stall isn't that good. Meanwhile Pig relies heavily on luck for as to whether or not her stall is actually good or not despite being limited to 4 uses (5 with last will). Although my suggestions below will not remove every aspect of luck being involved I hope to provide some ideas that will help allow her to be much more consistent in her ability to stall the game out.

The first changes I would like to propose are buffs to make the boxes a more consistent threat.

To do this I would like to suggest the following 3 changes ;

  • The RBT may now only ever come off on the third or fourth box.
  • The trap immediately becomes active on interaction with any box.
  • Rules set no.2 becomes baseline. (box auras are only shown when the trap is active)

The reason for these suggestions is to make the boxes more consistent, afterall RBT's are heavily limited in use considering how you only get to use them at a base of 4 times per match. It makes sense that they should be a guaranteed stall allowing for the killer to better capitalize on the pressure they've created. The way I picture these changes is that the moment you interact with a box indicates that you're ready to start the "game" and also eliminates the counter of putting the gens to 99% as both completing a generator and interacting with a box will now be able to activate your trap all while the first two boxes would be guaranteed to waste time.

The second changes I would like to propose would be a slight nerf to eliminate box patrolling.

To do this I would like to suggest the following 2 changes ;

  • 6 boxes will now spawn in the trial.
  • You can no longer see the aura of boxes.

With the buffs to the RBT's in mind and also keeping in mind that they're not meant to lead to kills, there is absolutely no reason to allow the killer to see the aura of the boxes as it puts you at a disadvantage to chase down and kill people who already have traps on their head. Adding an extra two boxes to the map on the other hand will keep it more difficult to patrol the boxes even if you memorized where they are as it will allow extra options if the killer wastes their own time just camping a box.

This would lastly need to include how the new key system works to allow people to always get the trap off by the third or fourth box. How this would work is that any of the first two boxes you go up to will never have the key and are guaranteed to waste time, after the second box is searched the game will place a key in two of the four boxes. If you do not get it off by the third box, the two boxes that have your key will be shown while the last box that doesn't have your key will be hidden.

With these changes in mind my goal is to see pig have some real stall potential and allow her to stand further out from the other killers capable of stalling out the game while also cutting out an unnecessary part of her power to better encourage people to make the maximum use out of her stall.


  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 1,029

    Does pig needs some attention? Yes.

    Does this answer to the problems she has is good? No.

    Right now her key system is alright, the only thing that could be changed is to give her 1 more box without any key.

    In my opinion her main issue is that outside her ambush attack she is just m1 killer and well... her ambush attack is actually really easy to avoid by just listening for the sound she makes.

    Also, there are other killers that are more of a need of some tweaks.

    Also, small tip, if you pay attention to where survivors disarmed traps you can stop patrolling these boxes because they have no key now.

  • vampire_toothyvampire_toothy Member Posts: 381

    Actually multiple keys can spawn in the same box, how it works currently is that a key for each RBT is put into a box ahead of time before the trial and sometimes they can spawn multiple keys in the same box.

    Luck is a bad thing to rely on especially when it comes to stalling the game, my suggestions are there to improve on that aspect. I do believe they could look at her ambush but it isn't the end of the world if they don't and because of that I believe it was a better idea to look at her RBTs.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,763

    Personally I'd love if they'd make it so that each trap is assigned a number between 1 and 4, and that's how many boxes you have to search. Stop the RNG factor of "maybe I don't have a power this match because all the traps come off in 10 seconds flat" without being inherently favoured to either side. Last Will could be an extra random element, and the plan/sketch could make the minimum 2 and the maximum 5.

    Either way, I'd prefer they fix her 75% garbage tier add ons and improve the value of the ambush.

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